Huge bright object recorded over Lake Mary, Florida 17-Feb-2020

This stationary unidentified flying object was seen and filmed in the sky above Lake Mary in Florida on 17th February 2020.

Witness report: Observed Orange Star like object. Driving into work on Lake Mary Blvd. stopped at traffic light on Lake Mary Blvd and Lake Emma and witnessed a star like orange object, so I decided to record it, not realizing that there was a object above it with all kinds of lights, a long cigar shape. (Attached recording) Got to work at 3300 Exchange Place, Lake Mary and decided to get my camera and started recording to see if I could find the object and I got it on camera. Then I saw another object to bottom right, plus the orange one, and cigar one which was high. Then all of a sudden an object (green) appears above the cigar object, and beams down at something in the ground and then disappears! I continued to record until I had to go into work.

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  1. I’m afraid the green lights above were just reflections from something inside your own car, Dear. Try to record from the same location and see what you get. It happens all the time when shooting through windows, and is the reason anything shot through glass-particularly automobile glass-is usually only a reflection from something else, like your radio dials reflected to your rear window, then in the front one. The orange object is interesting, though. Did you see it outside your car, not looking through your windshield? Keep shooting! Someday you may capture something amazing!

    • She talking about the orange light, cretin, check the description. The green lights are reflections, the orange one isn’t. The green light referred to later at the workplace may or may not have been taken through a window.

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