UFO hovering above Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This UFO video was just submitted through our Facebook page. It was recorded over Winnipeg, Canada on 13th February 2020.

Witness report: My daughter and I recorded a UFO last Thursday night in the sky to the west of our home. It was a sphere of light in the sky. Two other light spheres appeared as well shortly after we began recording. The lights would fade in and out. White lights seem to briefly shoot out from one side of the middle light. The lights stayed in the same location until a military aircraft began flying toward it. The lights started to fade more to the west after 9 minutes or so when the plane was flying toward it. We stopped recording when it wasn’t visible. If I edited it to shorten the clip, could I send somewhere for someone to look at it? I apologize in advance for my daughters disgusting language.

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  1. Well its hard since its so dark,but since you said the first was a streetlight then thats the other issue.since its so dark its hard to tell how high it is in the sky.Decent video but wish you could have gotten alittle better quality.I myself didnt see anything shooting out from it.My best guess is a planet.Definately not alien or a craft

    • Seriously, its not really worth replying to but I am sure people who see this obvious fake video will think it is real and make another misinformed bad decision on this matter. First off everything is DARK…where and when are you ever going to get conditions like this outisde…the answer is very easy …NEVER. Secondly there is nothing to reference or measure anything against it and literally all it is someone in a dark roon shing a laser type pointer at a wall. This site that posted it now looks like a loser site for tupid and gulable people. Being my first time here it will now be my last as total fake bullshit like this is a waste of mine and everyone elses time. Now it you put a disclaimer on this site that everything is fake and made up and for entertainment then this fits right in. good ridance to crap like this site

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