April 2020: Dr. Steven Greer LIVE on The Science of Consciousness


Presented by Dr. Steven Greer. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (narrated by Jeremy Piven) features groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from prominent figures such as Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Lab; legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, and Dr. Russell Targ, who headed the CIA’s top-secret remote viewing program. Their message: For thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story. Dr. Greer’s previous works, Sirius and Unacknowledged, broke crowdfunding records and ignited a grassroots movement. In this film, Dr. Greer presents the most dangerous information that the architects of secrecy don’t want you to know: how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating contact with advanced ET civilizations.

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  1. Hello Dr Greer,
    What is causing some people to tag cars and constantly talk to other and me though the radio system, Also put a security system my apartment? They state they want to rule the world or some say that role the world. They ever have method to pierce soundings and use laser like equipment to try hurt people, Noises that hurt all living human and creatures cells. I can do remote reviewing but can not make them stop, I live Clearwater, FL and this main hub for scientology religion,

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