Russian Scientists Warn the Return of the Fallen Angels

The Military and Scientific Committee reports reveal that Russia’s allies, which are India, China, and Brazil, need to defend the Earth because some extraterrestrial entities disguising as Fallen Angels are coming back to the planet.

During World War 2, sources suggest that Soviet Intelligence Services confirmed the strange relationship of Nazis with the so-called “fallen angels or demons.” However, in our oldest records, these entities are known as “gods.”

Fallen Angels have been defeated during the great revolution that wiped out the city-state called Atlantis some 5000 years ago. The devastating event has been recorded in religion and myths as “the great flood.”

Any news related to a series of mysterious craters in Siberia has been classified as a national threat by Vladimir Putin. Also, don’t forget the Chelyabinsk meteorite from 2013.

It appears that the US, with the support of Europe, is making its best effort to demonize Putin and entrap Russia into a battle to invade Siberia and control the old defense system that has been designed to protect Earth from the invasion of these “fallen angels”, that could also be alien beings.

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  1. I think someone is a little cuckoo. This article sounds like it was writtten by a paranoid schizophrenic with an intellectual disability.

  2. I believe we are not alone. But this article was poorly written. At least youtube has a book divulging all the alien species that have come to this planet.

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