Mysterious Cigar-Shaped UFO is Back, and It’s Glowing in Nebraska Sky

A strange cigar-shaped UFO has been seen again in the US, and this time it was over the city of Omaha, Nebraska. The long, slender mysterious object has frequently been observed in recent months in North America, including Washington, Wyoming, and New York. It has also spotted in other parts of the world, including Latin America and Europe.

However, the cigar UFO in Omaha City raced through the sky instead of floating in the air. Also, its colour was different. The past videos show black cigar UFO, but now it’s blue and glowing.

The latest incident was captured on video by an amateur astronomer, who passed the video to YouTube channel MrMBB333, which is famous for featuring mysterious events. The video then became viral with thousands of views.

Many viewers agree that the unusual thing in the sky is a sign of space alien life. One user believes that it’s not a meteorite. Another one suggests the cigar-shaped UFOs are different kind of extra-terrestrial vehicle or drone; instead of the typical round UFO’s.

One netizen says that aliens decided to check out the situation on Earth in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Others claim they had seen similar objects in the sky in the South Mountain area.

Cigar-shaped or snake UFOs have been spotted quite often in recent months in the US, but they have also been observed in Scotland and Brazil recently, where it had a strange colour.

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