Another mass UFO sighting: Cleveland, Ohio – 4-Apr-2020

This UFO video was submitted to me today through our Facebook page. It was recorded over Cleveland, Ohio on 4th April 2020. Similar footage was recorded in the sky above Detroit on April 3rd.

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  1. Not the first time i’ve seen flying saucers I have seen this many times in my life. Are you guys serious? Keep your Eyes in the skyes Folks This has been going on since the 1940s..

  2. Me and a neighbor seen something similar if not the same phenomena last August 24, 2019 in West Park (Cleveland) at 9:40pm. I couldn’t get footage, but they started out 3 steady orange red silent orbs in a triangle formation that seemed over the near west side, or maybe the lake, but were northeast. As they moved southeast toward us, the triangle broke up, and another same type orb joined and had 2 pairs moving across the sky, then 1 more pair and a final pair, so 4 pairs of 2 that I seen. They were going at a steady slow speed, took maybe 2 or 3 minutes to cross the sky going toward the southwest (toward Hopkins airport), but then kind of started a little more south and got real dim. My neighbor could then see a larger object they were flanking, which I couldn’t see, she must have better eyes. Then all disappeared.

    I reported it

    and here:

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