Netizens Baffled After Watching UFO With Wings in the Sky Above Arizona

Netizens were out of words to describe a UFO with wings hovering in the skies above Arizona. YouTube user Ballee18 posted the UFO sighting video to YouTube on 22 March. According to the video uploader, the sighting happened near Ahwatukee urban village in Phoenix. Conspiracy channel mavi777 shared the video, and it eventually went viral.

The sighting comes after multiple UFOs were observed in different areas of the US. In one such event, YouTube username Denspion caught video of three red orbs hovering over Washington.

Social media users have made various explanations, with some saying that the so-called UFO in the sky could be a human who’s practicing extreme social or physical distancing to avoid contracting the COVID-19. Other netizens suggesting the video shows a flying human-made possible with a jet pack.

However, other social media users believed that the hovering human figure could be a sign of space alien life. A few users thought it was an alien drone, but many others thought it was some kind of hovering craft, suggesting that we’re not alone.

What do you think of the mysterious hovering figure? A kite, jetpack, or extreme social distancing? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Seeing the video it is clear that it is manmade, especially the ‘shape’ of the object.
    The uploader uses a special equipment for to record the so called ‘phenomenon’ – which by looking closer is nothing more than a ‘balloon’ typically ‘formed’ in a kind of ‘like human being looking’.
    The bottom line – simply spoken – is just not more than a try of a cheap soul to get any attention by filming a cheap and lousy ‘figure’ – created by handmaking ‘figure-looking-balloon’.
    I wonder the activity of some humans for to get any attention by spread out such lousy ‘prove’ of have seen ‘something’ which is absolutely nothing – except their own greed for attention – stupid at all.
    I wonder too, why the Website owner (whoever he / she may be) published it anyway – obviously in same stupid and egoistic manner as the video-uploader.
    Congrats, you as the empty-mind-bodies can shake your hands – you act as one.

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