Multiple UFOs seen and filmed over Utica, New York 1-Apr-2020

This footage was just uploaded to MUFON website. It shows 5 UFOs/ORBs flying over Utica, New York on 1st April 2020.

Witness report: 5 UFO Orbs Video Witnessed By Group Of People April 1 2020. Witnessed By Group Of People In Utica NY April 1 2020 We been recording ufos in central ny for a 2 year period

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  1. Hydrogen warheads in a controlled burn of by Sir Casper and His diligent teams of Martians?

  2. March 26, 2020
    UFO over Camden NY said to be like the phoenix lights
    I saw a huge black triangle with lights at each point also A bright light away from there was there for 45 minutes I have on video – My roommate said my phone just chimed because I follow and get notifications if UFO in area. WHen it chimed I ran out to see. This is second time I saw so many in 3 years last when i was in Arizona.

    • yeah but if this is drones…
      a. When we saw them in Lenawee county Mi there was something like 30 of these suckers.
      THIRTY drones??? At one time?
      b. To go the distance these things go these are not cheap drones. Most people can’t swing 5k a pop.
      I’m all game for drones, but we saw something like 30 of them and I have searched online for various drones that could do what these did and travel the distance.
      Yes, I know drones can do A Lot. But it’s not so easy to just put a drone up let alone more than one.

  3. It seems that all of you have forgotten your understanding, which was given to you by your birth. To see now I only see very stupid and idiotic souls, some of them just uploaded a ridiculous video to show WHAT????
    I see all your comments – and I see all your stupidity in your ‘answers’.
    As the uploader says at minute 0:41: ‘I see three, four’
    Hysteric and completely brainwashed souls, to stupid to just recognize what they really see:
    Nothing more than a bunch of ‘sky-lanterns’ – following each other, just been started by same idiotic people. To call it:
    “Multiple UFOs seen and filmed over Utica, New York 1-Apr-2020”
    prove the totally insane craziness of the uploaders.
    They are even unable to differntiate some lousy lanterns (hovering one for one) from some so assumed ‘UFOs’.
    Likewise those idiotic beings would ‘reognize’ flying cows as ‘Angels’ or similar. Congrats I send to you – I have never seen more stupid and under developed souls like you in any time before. YOU win the prize of ‘under-exposed’ beings who live actually here on planet Earth. Congrats, you genius brains. Zero-numbers I call them, with no brain, with no any special ability, they even miss the so called ‘minimum understanding’ – so they are empty idiots.

    • Sky lanterns? Really? You cannot see lantern that high, candles just don’t put out enough light. You haven’t seen the really startling videos today that have grown in number so greatly, but the ‘brainwashing’ the military/gov’t groups have successfully done to you, cementing doubt in you of everything ufo-like, is pitiful. And sad. And worrisome even, bc whatever this explosion of sightings are, you are the one who’s been fooled, you’re of the few real fools left.

  4. I have seen these very same (lights) flying real high in the northern sky on 29th March at app 03:45 in the morning. There were 4 in one straight line and going faster than what is seen in the video. I do not live in the US. I live in the Central Highlands of Queensland Australia..They were no weather balloons, drones or lanterns as far as i am concerned. Never seen anything like this before

  5. I saw something like a dozen faint lights all heading on the same trajectory, appeared to be at very high altitude but no jet trails or flashing lights. as the lead light would disappear (not into clouds- just disappear) more would appear at the tail end of the trajectory.Initially thought it must be an airforce exercise of some kind but who knows. they were seen in the last stages of twilight in shelby NC, around march 25

  6. this is freaky. me and my wife where outside and she saw 3 planes she thought as we watched we counted 30 of them. kind of staggered line. they where going north to south. there was no noise. there was no flashing lights so they were not planes. it was Saturday april 11 2020 at about 8;15 p.m. clear night no clouds we live in Dracut mass. hopefully someone else so this??

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