UFOs over Corona, California – recorded yesterday!

This strange UFO video was recorded in the sky above Corona in California on 11th April 2020 at 5.30AM and submitted to our website through report form.

Witness report: I was taking my dog out for her morning duties when I notice something orange in the sky approaching from the south east direction. At first I thought it was a small plane since there is a nearby local airport in the town. However, as I waited I noticed the orange light was not making a sound. I used my frame of reference by first noticing the light moving through the tree branches. It was moving slowly from branch to branch, that was my first indicator that it was moving. I then stopped moving to listen for any sound coming from ‘an engine’of the orange object but I did not hear any engine sound in the distance. It was then I quickly ran inside and grabbed my cell phone and began recording.
As I began to record, the orange object stopped and slowly began moving north. I could see it by my naked eye but on my cellphone camera kept trying to adjust the image. I swear on everything I hold dear…this thing stopped moving and was below the clouds. It could not be a planet or star but I could be wrong. After 5 minutes it disappeared.
For the recorded, I served over ten years in the US Army and I have been in a war zone. I have seen satellites, rockets, and drones…I have never seen anything like this. Plus, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A UFO IN MY ENTIRE LIFE….except what I saw that morning.
I will email you my video from email if I can…it is 4m and 11sec long.Be advise…most of the clear video starts at minute 1:55.
Again…it could be a planet…but I knew what I saw.

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  1. It is a some kind ‘stationary light’, obviously with touch of red color. To try to zoom in is just without sense, because the camera is unable to ‘collect’ enough light, therefore it is unable to focuse the faint light.
    In case of a real UFO I have experienced many incidents, where a UFO ‘hovered’ at a place, but after a while it speeded up in just a moment and after max. 2 seconds it was out of sight. Saw only the insane acceleration into one direction, just before it disappeared.
    This published video here is at least questionable, sorry.

    • I recently purchased an infrared night vision scope for night hunting rats . One night I was staring into the stars and noticed some of these stars were moving erratically. I have only told and showed a couple people about these nightly occurrences for obvious reasons . They are easily filmed in infrared just so you know . If your interested in watching some of my videos respond with a yes and I will email or even meet up to show you . I live in Corona ca as well

  2. People why you are not interested in what is happening in the world and then you throw such nonsense … Zuckenberg has released 10k remote controlled satellites so you will see from the thunder of such lights it is not ufo crazy…

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