Amada of UFOs in the sky above – United States

This UFO footage was filmed somewhere over United States in April 2020. Similar sightings were recorded over different places in the USA recently. What are those unknown lights?

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  1. I think there are a lot more balloons being released these days due to COVID19 deaths, I wish people would realize these bunches of floating objects are not UFOs

      • Martin,
        Uneducated ignorant people should not be calling others names.
        If for one minute you think it is impossible for this sighting to be nothing but balloons, are you in for a big surprise.
        Maybe for a change you should think out side of your small shallow mind and realize we are not alone.
        Do your research.

  2. It’s fascinating how UFOs operate. There’s much to learn about advanced intelligence. There should be a means of communication that would be agreed upon. That would foster better understanding.

  3. Those silly fools in the US who are expecting a RAPTURE will get b=no such thing. It will ba a CAPTURE. The capture of their souls as Nigel Kerner warned in his books. SONG OF THE GREYS and GREY ALIENS AND THE HARVESTING OF SOULS> Read them. It is a true revelation.

  4. We’ve seen similar activity (at night) east of San Tan Valley, AZ. I have no clue what it is but I know what it isn’t, military flares or lanterns.

    • 5G more than likely. It happened in Austin Texas before Christmas. UF0 reports were bombarding Austin PD. Not UFOS. Space X launched 5G for wifi over the city.

  5. It’s a drone show. Bunch of computer controlled drones like they had in Singapore for the 2020 countdown last. Google it. The light changes all can be programmed.
    Sorry no ufo’s here.

  6. I find it fascinating. We here in Utah are experiencing a lot more sightings then normal. Because our government feels that a majority of earths population would panic at the slight chance there is other life forms, we are left in the dark to the reasoning of their of visits. I my self feel that if there was a better time to make them selfs known, it would be now. Most of the information I have acquired through the years, there are hundreds of different cultures with different intentions. If we have been in contact and established a relationship and trust with any, now would be a good time to request assistance. If for any reason these’s more frequent visits are not in good faith and see’s our planet and humans at our weakest…
    God help us all.

  7. I got to agree with most of you. The space race is on. There are things put up there to make us believe its Alien. Well i believe a certain percentage is but lets focus on that which is real. I live in Australia and reported 4 lights moving very fast in our northern sky on 29th March 03:45 a.m aest. I do not think aliens will hang around and put on a light show. Believe in life out there and believe we are and have been visited for centuries. Keep looking to the sky for the truth..

  8. 5G wifi. Space X starting launches last year over major cities. In Austin Texas people thought it was UFOS. Space X initiated the launch for 5G wifi capability.

  9. I’m in the Eastern part of Oregon and there are what looks like dozens and dozens of satelites flying over me . It is night of course, and they are all flying the same direction. My only guess is SpaceX’s Starlink fleet?

    • Yes, I am on the Olympic Peninsula and saw the same thing, and called out my 19 year old Son, just to make sure… they came out of the North West and traveled in a South Western direction and seemed to be spaced about the same distance apart. We stood there and counted at least 47 or so before we continued our night. That was about ten thirty at night. I see satellites all the time here because it is so clear and dark up here… but it wasn’t any thing like a satellite, they just kept coming! Way Cool 🛸

  10. I saw over 30 perfectly lined up and spaced out lights traveling from what seemed like Oakland Ca towards Sacramento Ca direction at about 9pm 4/16/2020. Didn’t seem like satellite rocket look to me. Very wild. Looked like perfect line cruising across the skyline not straight up. Lasted about 3-5 minutes. Never seen more than 2-3 planes flying together in similar flight path.

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