Two Apparent Alien Skulls and a Nazi Briefcase Discovered in Remote Mountain Woods

Two extraterrestrial-like skulls were found next to a Nazi briefcase buried deep in a mountain forest. Scientist Vladimir Melikov made a shocking discovery several years ago along with a team of explorers while researching the Russian Caves of Mount Bolshoi.

At the time of the discovery, newspapers reported about it with mentioned of a Nazi briefcase and two strange skulls that were found in the caves of the Caucasus region.

These strange skulls were discovered near a Nazi serviette of a remote mountainous area. The news has formed several conspiracy theories. One of them is that Hitler had worked with extraterrestrials.

It raised the shocking prospect of Hitler’s time machine called “The Bell,” and his UFOs.

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  1. Some have speculated the “discoveries” are all part of an elaborate hoax, with suggestions the facial features could have been hollowed out of large animals’ pelvic bones.

    Paleontologists in Moscow, when shown pictures of the skulls, reportedly dismissed them as submerged skeleton heads that “could have been exposed to sand for long periods of time” – and which “could have altered their shape”.

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