UFO sighting: Aurora, Ontario, Canada 26-Apr-2020

This UFO sighting report was just submitted to me through our report page. It happened in Aurora, ON, Canada on 26th April.

Witness report: Hello first off I would like to say im a little reluctant at first in reporting this sighting.   Sighting occurred after 8:45pm whilst it was still light out and was captured on video and photo stills for over 40 or more minutes.  I have tried to come up with logical explanations such as Star, helicopters, planes, Planets (Venus has been visible this past week), and or international space station, satellites etc. but But from my limited knowledge all the previous listed possibilities that i listed i believe move across the sky and or orbit the planet, correct?  Thus an object that hasn’t moved in the sky for the length of time stated seems to open it self up to a sighting .  The footage was captured out my window whislt i was watching TV and waiting for dinner to be ready.  The first notice ofit i was like wow that a real bright Northern star which so happened to be facing west in the last minutes of light befor the sun would give into night.   You will see clearly time marked stills and vidoe that adorn all 40 plus digital images (video and stills combined).  the footage was taken on three different devises and the a tripod was used on one of the three cameras used. (iPhone 11, iPad mini and a 12mps Nikon digi camera on tripod). What makes this footage interesting is that being shot from my window you can clearly see trees and roof tops of homes around plus my backyard tree to which you can see the object in reference to it not moving remaing in the same location for 40 plus minutes well into the dark night sky.   where it gets interesting  when i imported the media to my iMac  aND ZOOMED in too the object individual still pictures that i notice that the glowing dot actually consist of a glowing ring around a circular glowing light. You can clearly see this in several photo’s and i encourage all to DL and zoom in with your favourite photo viewer so to in hopes tell me ive capture nothing more then an explainable object in the sky like a weather balloon or such…  Just the fact that it had what looked like no movement and all cameras captured identical behaviour  makes-it hard to explain that it was something from our planet.

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    • Hi Ron the fact that the object hadn’t seemed to move at all across the sky in the span of 40 mins plus makes me believe that it is not the International Space Station. I mean i’m pretty sure that i’ve viewed the space before when orbiting around us(earth) and you can clearly see the ISS moving. This did not, but thank you for your input non the less…

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