UFO filmed over Denver, Colorado 16-May-2020

In another bizarre UFO sighting that came only yesterday from Colorado, USA, a black coloured and grotesquely shaped object was seen hovering in the sky. In the first glance, it looked like some bird or maybe a hot air balloon stuck in the wind current. However, it remained stuck there for more than 3 minutes, and this feat couldn’t haven’t been performed by a hot air balloon or bird, which change their direction of flight or lower their altitude almost immediately when faced with such a problem. Whatever it was, it stayed hovering in the same location until the cloud in the backdrop passed it completely. There are two theories which can be used define this event:

  1. The object belonged to some another world and was awestruck at the magnificence of the cloud, and it hovered at the same spot as it gasped at the lofty cloud passing by it.
  2. The cloud was maybe blocking its path and in the three minutes it hovered there, it was trying to push the cloud of its way. This fact can be corroborated by the video evidence, which shows that the cloud immediately started moving a few seconds after the object stopped in its flight.

There are many explanations, apart from the above two, that can explain this sighting, but almost all of those are based on the assumption that the object was not from this side of the cosmos

Witness report: Dark object moving steadily across the sky. Object started in the East of the sky, high but below clouds. Seemed to either change color from black to white/white to black or the sun seemed to change color. Moved steady across the sky at a slow pace in a straight line, seemed Ike it was following a direct path. At one point it seemed to completely stop in the sky and not move for several minutes. No sound, no trail, seemed to have an aura. 3 witnesses, all saw the same thing.

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