Solid UFO over Mexican-USA border / Eagle Pass, Texas |2020

This UFO was filmed over Eagle Pass, Texas on 24th January 2020. A College student from Texas recored a rather mysterious object sailing through the skies. He spotted it just as he was approaching his school to attend his class. At first glance, he thought it was a bird, but when he looked carefully, the object seemed nothing like a bird but was perfectly round in shape. It could have been a balloon left loose by someone, but the way it moved without being deflected by the wind proved that it was something heavier than the balloon, perhaps a Metal balloon. The denizens of this planet have never even imagined, let alone witness, a flying balloon. When this video went viral, many people were flabbergasted at having seen such a bizarre thing floating in their little town, which does not get a lot of Air traffic.

Witness report: I was on my way to class already late by 2-3 minutes when I saw this egg shaped object hovering in straight path SE. Object seemed to not make any sound and appeared to be distant from my location around the height I’d normally see helicopter. No commercial traffic flies by as I’m in a small town on the Mexican-American border.

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