UFO near chemtrail over London, UK 9-May-2020

Strange appearance in the London Sky may be the extraterrestrial life helping us to obviate the coronavirus threat. The skies in London have been pretty clear for a long time now owing to the reduced air traffic due to global lockdown. Something weird happened on 8th May at around noon when a white trail suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the otherwise clear sky in Central London. The sight captivated many spectators, whose lockdown blues were immediately forgotten as they began to wonder what could be happening up there. One of the women witnessing the event from her house wrote “One minute the sky was crystal clear and the other minute, there magically appeared a thick white trail and so I clicked its picture. She added “When I zoomed in on the pic to see the event more closely, I was both scared and intrigued at the same time as I saw a pale white dot hovering above the white trail”. Later on, many spectators related the appearance of the white dot to an extraterrestrial object sprinkling some unknown material, which could either end the coronavirus or reinforce the virus and make it even more powerful.

Witness report: I was taking a picture of a chem trail and posted that on FB, when a friend commented I looked at the picture again and noticed it… During lockdown here in the UK, the weather has been really good strangely. This morning it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight. I noticed a single plane flying overhead leaving a massive Chem Trail so I took a picture of it. My friends think I’m mad when I mention Chem trails as they don’t believe it or me, even though it’s obvious and not a Con trail.. I posted the picture on FB mentioning that ‘there we go another chem trail ruining this beautiful day’ type thing. My friend replied and that’s when I noticed this little silver/grey object which just seems to be observing something or the trail. I didn’t even notice it at the time, gutted about that I would have loved to see if or how it moved.. anyway, I just wanted to let you have a look and see what you think.

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  1. The chem trail phenomenon is scary indeed and people do not want to hear about it. So a persistent trail stretching from horizon to horizon while other aircraft have a dissolving con trail does not worry most people. I have watched clear sunny afternoons turned to hazy ones as these monstrosities spread and sink and start looking like weather clouds to the casual glance.

    I once picked up objects while photographing something else. The aperture speed was set to 1,000th sec and I caught a large brown and indistinct object. I would have thought nothing of it – an insect in front of the camera lens perhaps – but it appeared in different locations on several pictures and the camera had not produced aberrations before or after. Later that same afternoon I also picked up an orb ufo in three phographs of the sort seen here. MUFON rejected this ‘evidence’ because I had not also seen the objects at the time with my eyes. Fine – that is their prerogative. By the way – did you see the footage from Paris of an orb moving in an out of a chem trail and apparently dissolving it. It could have been faked of course but I found the footage convincing. What it means of course is another question.

    I have seen a great number of UFOs over the years but of course I am always on my own with out a camera when this happens. Thanks for the photo.

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