Daytime UFO over Pearland, Texas – 2018

This daytime UFO sighting was filmed in the sky above Pearland in Texas. This happened back in 2018 (30th November) but it was just recently submitted to MUFON.

Witness report: I noticed the orb in the sky moving west to east, while the prevailing winds were east to west. The area is approximately over Houston hobby airport. I noticed the orb moved from west to east until it disappeared into a cloud. I do not believe this to be a balloon as it was quite large In the sky, considering the distance and as I mentioned previously it was moving contrary to the prevailing winds.

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  1. Does anyone know if any of these sightings might be the Starburst Satellites than Elon Musk sent up? They are supposed to be very bright and can be seen during the day.

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