UFOs Hovering Over the Surface of General Carrera Lake

Two black objects had made a buzz at a distance above General Carrera Lake in Aysén, Chile, in a photos that reportedly taken at 4:48 pm on June 23, 2019.

The witnesses said that they were aboard a boat during the sighting. They saw the objects that seemed to hover above the surface of the water. Both objects also disappeared and appeared mysteriously, according to the witnesses.

Then another small grey object also appeared out of nowhere beside the black objects, along with an orb of light that seemed to fly above the lake.

Some suggested buoys as a mundane explanation to the objects, but buoys don’t fly, disappear and reappear.

According to Ysaac Wichmann, a mountaineer who has good knowledge of the area, these mysterious events have always been in the Aysén region. Wichmann said that these phenomena are reported in the mountain ranges, sea, islands, canals, archipelagos, and most common in isolated, unpopulated, distant locations.

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Wichmann said that a member of his family, who is a former Chilean navy, witnessed this event while on a Navy ship on their way to a small island in the Aysén region. Their mission was to work on a lighthouse to give orientation and navigation assistance to those passing along those waters.

While approaching the area, they saw an oval metallic object rose slowly near the lighthouse until it reached a certain altitude. After a while, the UFO made a quick rise and vanished from sight.

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