Stationary UFO over Nairobi, Kenya 13-May-2020

We don’t receive a lot of UFO reports from Africa but today we did and it’s really something. This was one was filmed over Nairobi, the capital and the largest city of Kenya.

The video has reportedly been shot on 13th of may in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The video starts with focus on the spherical UFO which has structural resemblance to the cornea of a human eye with bright top and bottom. The eyewitness who recorded the incident is unable to hold the camera steady, possibly due to adrenaline rush he is having at the sight of the UFO. The UFO remains stationary throughout the video though the movement of clouds can be seen. From the colour of the sky, it could be a possibility that the video was shot during the evening. Interestingly during the end of the video, the UFO starts shining with a bright pink light on its edges.

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Witness report: It was a shiny disc-like object with blinking lights on the visible surface. I was enjoying the sunset when i let my eyes wander,and then right above me up in the sky i saw what appeared to look like a small shiny disc.I immediately rushed to get my camera(Canon Eos80D). I managed to get videos.

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  1. We just saw it in Timau, Northern Kenya. Could see all the lights on it it very clearly though the telescope and watched it for 45 mins before it suddenly zoomed off…AMAZING!!

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