Driver filmed UFOs over Haleiwa, Hawaii 15-Jun-2020


These “UFO show” happened on 15 June 2020 over the Waialua District of the island of Oʻahu. Your opinion?

Witness report: Lights hovering , disappearing and reappearing over Waianae Mountain range

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Your opinion?
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  1. I have a question. Where do UFOs come from? If UFOs come from other planets, why don’t they contact us? Does anyone know the answer?

    Greetings, Daniel

    • Ha! UFOs are ‘unidentified flying objects’ and can be anything. Meteors, human-made craft/objects, drones, falling space debris, anything that is not immediately identified. Now, if you are referencing ‘space ships,’ then who knows if they are really real or where they come from if real. And, considering how aggressive, hateful, and arrogant more and more humans are becoming, can you blame a skinny little 4-foot tall alien for NOT wanting to make contact and run the risk of being shot or caged in a zoo?! 😉

  2. Who can say?
    It is possible, however, that formal contact hasn’t been established for reasons similar as to why humanity hasn’t sought to establish formal contact with caribou herds in Alaska.
    I wish we understood why.

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