Triangular-shaped formation over Ipswich, UK 19-Jun-2020

Witness filmed this triangular formation hovering in the night sky above Ipswich in United Kingdom. Date: 19th June 2020.

Witness report: Bright orange lights in the sky – 9 in perfect triangular formation then vanished. I went to close my landing window, facing South onto my street, and saw 9 bright orange lights apparently flying in direction East and slightly hovering between (behind) the houses opposite, but quite far away, I think. It was approx 10.20 pm and they appeared to flying in a triangular formation, shaped a bit like a molecular structure, grouped in threes, some above; some below. There was no noise. I called my son ‘I think there are Ufos in the sky!’ and he managed to capture three of them on phone video by running down and outside (he is keen not to give identity on this site) They looked solid and disc shaped like an old spinning top. The sighting was very short – They disappeared one by one by zig zagging down or forward towards my position, and then vanished at super speed (like going into hyperspace) until the last one had gone. we posted the video, of seconds, online.

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