UFO landed in front of the witness in Clinton, New York 13-Jun-2020

Here’s one mind blowing video! But that’s just in case if it is real. This small UFO or orb was filmed by a person in Clinton, New York on 13th June 2020.

What do you guys think about this footage? I would really like to hear your comment!

Witness report: The sighting really freaked me out i couldn’t believe what was happening. if i didn’t record it i would think it was a dream. my phone camera stopped working right before the ufo shot straight up in the air audio removed due to swearing

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  1. I have seen an orb at my window 15 years ago! It did look like more like the “Orb” the guy recorded but he makes a mistake by “bringing it closer” to himself. The orb I saw was kind of blurilly see through , so you could see the middle of if and inside spinning and not mention than the outside layer of the orb the kind of aura was flactuating! (Now they can “Better” their cgis LOL)! What really gives it up though the truck on the road just passes by! Like whoever was riding that truck must have been blind šŸ˜‚. Every “normal ” person would have seen it and stop even just for a sec to see what the heck is that. But this one just causally drove away! So it is a good try but fake!

    • A I agree with you. Why didn’t the truck stop no way he/she/them didn’t see that & why didn’t he try to stop the truck, (for a witness). I think it was a bright light on a drone.

  2. i was hoping to see a ball lightning (which is super cool if you ever get to see one) destroyed my door but not the wall it came true. But this is the worsed….

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