New UFO report from Missouri: Witness filmed 2 fast UFOs a few days ago

Witness in Nixa, Missouri filmed these two really fast unidentified flying objects. What do you think this is? Please leave a comment below!

Filmed on Tuesday, 16th June 2020.

Witness report: Was with sister in car about to leave parking lot spotted multiple sets of pairs on ufo From the SW heading NE and I videotaped w iPhone.

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  1. Brilliant video show us two seconds of two objects going through the sky can’t even tell what they are and then the rest is a video of the ground! This person needs to take lessons on how to do a real video.

  2. We just witnessed the same thing! It flew over our house, close to WPAFB. We videoed it and it is exactly like your video. No sound. No lights. We chased it but could not keep up.

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