Bright UFOs over Las Vegas, Nevada 6-Aug-2020

These bright lights were hovering and flying in the night sky above Las Vegas in Nevada on 6th August 2020.

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  1. This are aircraft on landing approach to either Nellis FAB or McCarran. You can see the closed one lower than the other two, as it descends.

  2. I have seen similar UFOs over Las Vegas twice, both times during the day. The first time was more interesting, with about 25 or so of the UFOs visible for about 45 minutes. Most only appeared as bright lights (during a very sunny day). A few were either larger and/or closer, and were roughly pyramid shaped. They slowly changed orientation as the moved, or hovered in the sky. I was comparing their movements to the aircraft flying near LAS. The UFO movements were MUCH different.
    Note: I am a former Air Force pilot, and current US airline captain.

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