Motionless Cube-Shaped UFO Found in Leaked Government Photo

An image reportedly circulated among intelligence agencies in the U.S. shows what seems to be unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the Pentagon term for UFOs. The U.S. officials described the object in the picture as a silver cube object.

The leaked image dates back to 2018 from an intelligence report of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), the Department of Defense (DoD) official unit investigating UAP sightings.

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The Pentagon approved the formation of the task force in August, the first on record government UFO program since a 2000s-era unit lost its funding in 2012. However, multiple sources confirmed that the original UFO program remained active in secrecy after its shutdown. The UATPF has reportedly briefed military officials and the government on UAP-related matters for the last two years. The newly surfaced photo appeared in a report from the task force during that time.

According to The Debrief correspondent Tim McMillan, a defense official, who has access to the UAPTF’s intelligence reports, leaked the photo’s existence. Three other government officials affirmed with McMillan that the image comes from a 2018 task force report shared on a secure network utilized by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

A military pilot flying over the Atlantic Ocean on the U.S. East Coast reportedly encountered the object in 2018 and snapped a photo of it using their cell phone. Judging on the angle of the shot, it looked like a backseat weapon system operator on a F/A-18F Super Hornet snapped the picture of the object, which McMillan describes as “inverted” and “bell-shaped” with “ridges or other protrusions along its lateral edges that extends toward its base.

A GPS dropsonde may look like the UFO, but McMillan points out that he confirms with an atmospheric researcher that the actual dropsonde does not appear in the picture. The dropsonde is a square-cone parachute dropped by an aircraft but no aircraft above the UFO in the controversial photo.

Two defense officials tell McMillan that the object in question may not be a research balloon too. According to McMillan, the pilots who encountered the UFO said that the object was completely motionless and apparently unaffected by ambient air currents, unlike a research balloon under the same conditions.

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  1. Official standing comments will much too often resort to simple explanations that express A way something happens, rather than THE way, which is the truth. Government excuses for downplaying UFO takes away responsibilities for attempting to explain technologies and exotic principles they don’t have answers for.

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