Cigar-shaped UFO filmed from a plane from Massachusetts to Florida

This tic tac UFO activity was filmed up in the clouds on a flight from Boston, Massachusetts to Florida. This happened back in September 2019 but it was just published on MUFON today.

Witness report: I was looking out of the plane window as I flew from Boston to Florida on 9.6.2019 at 7:27 pm. As I looked out the window I noticed a silver tic tac like object hovering/matching the flight of the plane. It was strange to me because it didn’t look like anything else I’ve ever seen out of a plane window nor have I ever noticed an object to maintain parallel height and motion with a plane like this did while emitting no exhaust/plume behind it. Other planes whiz by in the distance and are gone from view quickly—this was not like that. I took a series of 3 videos with my phone from 7:28-7:32 pm. I have since shown the videos to many friends and family who have all conceded it is a difficult object to explain. After hearing more and more come out about tic tac like ufos I figured it would be worth it to submit in case it is in fact a UFO. It is a perfect shape and truly does not look like a plane or anything else. It is a silver smooth tic tac. I looked up other sightings from this date online and saw one submitted by a man in Clayville NY with two orbs that look similar. I am not sure where we were in air space at the time during the flight when these videos were taken. Will I be notified of the findings/analysis? Many thanks for your time!

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