Multiple UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona | January 2021

These bright lights were hovering in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona recently.

Witness report: It was super weird the lights moved independently from each other two of them moved west right past the mountain then suddenly changed trajectory back east towards the other lights , they then disappeared one by one and then came back 30 mins later

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  1. There has been a massive migration of people into the Phoenix area within the last couple of years. Here one can see the approach of aircraft from miles and miles away. These new residents are not at all accustomed to seeing aircraft on approach. If one sees what they think are stationary lights to the west, it’s actually approach to Phoenix International Airport. If the lights are to the Northeast (Superstition Mountains area), East or Southeast, these are also approach patterns to PHX or Phoenix – Mesa Gateway airport in south Mesa. These sightings are not the Phoenix Lights, episode 2! They’re just planes in their approach pattern, even if it looks like the lights are stationary. Flickering lights = lights in the distance appear to be flickering due to atmospheric movement. Seeing Blue and/or green lights, these are the marker colors on the wing tips. Does this mean all lights in the night sky are airplanes or helicopters? Good Lord no! There are definitely unexplained lights in the Arizona sky. As a matter of fact there are numerous things here in AZ that are absolutely unexplainable. Just take your time learning the difference between flight paths and the “real deal.”

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