UFO releasing orbs over Oakley, CA 22-Dec-2020

This interesting UFO video of an unknown orange object that was releasing orbs was filmed in Oakley, California on 22nd December 2020.

Witness report: seemed to emit some type of energy around the object with different color. Also light seemed to be pulsating, object started ejecting smaller orbe like pieces that would disappear right after. While this object passed by me two planes are seeing to go near it. I have a 2 minutes vídeo also I screen shot the objec and has no shape. No sign of being a meteorite either

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  1. The perspective of the lights looks wrong when the camera moves. The reaction of the person filmning is unlikely. The lights very sharp and are positioned more stable in frame than the surroundings. I think it looks fake.

  2. Extraterrestrials exist . i’m not sure but i have to share a little secret with you,they’re just like humans + bald heads + similar clothing and they travel in very very packed spaceships with some kind of weird workspace where they’re all silent the chairs are disposed in some manner analogous to what Benoit Mandelbrodt calls Fractals ,these Fractal Chambers have some kind of overture to other similar Chambers they are probably groups or sub-groups of clones of aliens groomed for specific scientific endeavours,i think these are distant cousins to what we have on earth near Princeton but in a spaceship ,i forgot one detail they had some kind of screen facing every chair in those “fractal saloons” where they run group IQ tests or some monkey like group groupped-IQ test .
    That’s a dream i’ve some years ago just after i’ve seen the famed red and blue disappearing orbs somewhere near 3 am 😉 and i forgot one detail can a neuroscientist analyse how temporal lobes could increase or Bulge due to Darwinian evolution ???

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