Multiple UFOs over Laguna Niguel, California 7-Feb-2021

New UFO video of a bright objects hovering in the sky above Laguna Niguel, California. Filmed on 7th February 2021.

Witness report: The six or seven lights were constant, not blinking, and appeared to be originating over water near Dana Point. I was far away, but the lights were very unusual. There are military bases/testing in the area, but this still appeared awkward, I’m not sure what type of training exercise would look like this…

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  1. I witnessed a flying orb over the river near my home transparent, with orange and white lights 20:30 in the UK the same night 7th

  2. people need to stop with the “lights” if its a dot of light its a dot of light, if its a CRAFT and defying normal physics or shaped odd or is an ‘object’ its worth reporting, “lights” in the sky are not ufo’s they are lights.

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