Giant triangular UFO gliding over Williamsburg, Brooklyn May 2021

This triangle formation was filmed over Brooklyn, New York on 25th May 2021.

Witness report: I walked out of the supermarket just after 11pm at night and stopped at the zebra crossing waiting to cross. To my right I noticed three orange lights in the sky in a triangle formation low in the sky, gliding silently north wards, coming from what appeared to be near the river in Williamsburg, towards Manhattan. I instantly pulled out my phone and shot the footage, being sure to keep my hands still and to zoom in. I am used to seeing planes and helicopters in the area, but this struck me as very unusual straight away and having a keen interest in this sort of thing, I knew I had to film it straight away. I believed I was watching three separate craft fly in formation at the time. They were emitting a steady soft orange glow. On further inspection on the footage I believe it to be a giant triangular shaped craft. It disappears behind the buildings as shown in the video. I then crossed the road and witnessed it more where I took a brief second video. Another pedestrian was looking at it and exclaimed to me “What the hell IS that?” After the craft disappeared behind another building I ran to the end of the road to the intersection of Graham and Metropolitan Avenue and turned north to where I should have been able to see the craft, but it had disappeared out of sight, which struck me as unusual as it had only taken me ten seconds or so to run down the road to try and see it. All the time, I heard no noise from any planes or helicopters, but obviously there was traffic noise.

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