US Submarines Detected Fast-Moving UFOs Underwater Ahead of Pentagon UFO Report


The US Navy has picked up fast-moving UFOs underwater weeks before the Pentagon’s UFO report is made public. It has been claimed that experts or current technology cannot explain the sightings. According to Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan, the Navy has located sonar data, which proves the mysterious and unexplained encounters.

It comes after footage shared last week showing a black object moving across the sky close to the naval stealth ship.

Even Barack Obama, former US president, admits that video and records of UFOs exist, saying: “It’s true – we don’t know exactly what they are, we can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory.”

The Pentagon, which UFO report is due in June, later confirmed that the video is believed to be from 2019 that was taken by Navy personnel.

Photos were allegedly leaked from an official investigation into UFOs preparing evidence for Congress due in June.

Mr Rogan told Fox News that they would learn more about the interaction between US Navy submarines, attack submarines, nuclear ballistic submarines, picking up sonar contact of things moving at hundreds of knots under the water relevant to this video.

He added that there’s an undersea dimension to this aside from what the pilots are witnessing above water.

Anchor Tucker Carlson reacted, saying that people couldn’t even digest when talking about hundreds of knots underwater. Mr Rogan told him that’s what he has heard from very good sources and that the US Navy has the data. He explained that worldly or otherworldly, it’s just part of a much larger series of events they will be learning about.

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