UFO changing shapes over Wilmington, California 17-Jun-2021

This strange lights were seen and recorded in the sky above Wilmington, a neighborhood in the Harbor region of Los Angeles, California.

Witness report: I was in filmed this in Wilmington,Ca at 12:03am on June 17,2021 and this …. at night its crazy it was up there on and off for like 20 to 30 minutes I have more video of the same ufo I have like 20 minutes of footage if you like I can upload the more video …

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  1. I’m a field investigator for MUFON in Ohio.
    Please report this to MUFON for investigation.
    This is a good one.

  2. Gee! Why didn’t you take more video of that building and the ground instead of that boring and distracting light in the sky?

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