Tic Tac UFO over UK

This bright unidentified flying object was seen flying over Crediton, UK on 28th July 2021.

Witness report: It was late evening and we were outside the front of the house with the dogs. The sun was low but it was still daylight with good visibility. The sky was mostly clear blue with very high thin cloud in places and broken cumulus to the west. I looked up to the south where a bright object in the sky caught my attention. It wasn’t bright like a star, but appeared to glow. It moved smoothly and steadily, passing over our heads, from the south to the north. It was difficult to make out its size or altitude; but it appeared to be below the high level thin haze. To me, it appeared to be a similar height to that maintained by the light aircraft that fly from the local airport. So, not very high. There were no visible wings or other directional or control surfaces; no vapour trails or sound. My girlfriend, who had the presence of mind to start filming it, thought she saw a flashing light above it at one point, but I did not observe any flashing, flickering or strobing. The object continued to head north until it our view was obscured by our house roof. We then moved indoors and upstairs to where we could observe it again from our landing window. We watched it continue north at the same steady pace, with the same brightness, until we lost sight of it. We cannot be sure if it just winked out, or moved off at great speed; but it was there one minute and gone the next.

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