Did the US Air Force actually build a flying saucer?

Project 1794 is from the early 50’s, by the United States Air Force and AVRO Aircraft. It used to be secret, but in 2012 the information has been declassified. I was really hyped when I found these two reports online at the National Archives, placed a link on my IFO site so that others could find it, but it didn’t really get picked up. Kind of understand why: on the National Archives these pictures are not that easy to view, and they didn’t color correct the scans. The video I made here is in 4K, so you can read all the pages clearly. (more than 200 pages!)

So yes; a flying saucer! This was serious research, about how to build a real flying saucer, not a UFO of course, but disc shaped aircraft called: Silverbug, Y-2, and the prototype P.V. 704.

They were designed to be VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fly supersonic and at extremely high altitudes. Up to Mach 3+ and a 100,000 feet.
These specifications are not of a jet fighter. When flying this high and fast, think instead of what has been build in the 60’s: the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”.

The 2 original reports can be found at “the National Archives”.

Project 1794
Final Development Summary Report

Program Planning Report
Project 1794 Extension Program

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