What’s Inside of AREA 51?


Welcome to UFO Seekers℗ Radio. Tim explains what’s inside of AREA 51 and why you can’t take pictures of it. Disclaimer: The opinion(s) of the host do not represent the view(s) of UFO Seekers®. “Let’s see what’s out there.” UFO & Alien Investigators based in Bakersfield, California founded in 2016. Join us in the field as we sky-watch for UFO activity, talk to witnesses, investigate hot spots, visit locations, search for aliens, and more.

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  1. Area 51 is a work facility in Las Vegas, nothing more, nothing less.
    Years ago I had lunch with a scientist who had worked at Area 51 and he said he was tired of hearing this consistent RUMOR!

  2. Dear Latest UFO Sightings,
    In 1989, Area 51 worker, Bob Lazar spilled the beans about Alien Craft being Reversed Engineered and flown.
    When the public heard his story, then Vice President Dick Cheney ordered all paperwork and [Alien] material Destroyed! The rest was moved to an underground base in Utah. Area unknown.

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