UFOs flying over Lake Tapps in Washington 24-Jul-2021

These orange unidentified flying objects were recorded in the sky above Lake Tapps. a reservoir in Pierce County, Washington. Filmed on 24th July 2021.

Witness report: We were walking on the street and we suddenly stopped just to see at least eight objects floating through the sky this event lasted for just about over four minutes.

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  1. we’re in trouble with threats of world War 3,and nukes there coming out in more force all over the world I think we’re in trouble if we don’t find out what’s going on with all these UAPs

  2. every night for about 6 weeks now , we watch the lights. from 2 to 8 of them. Even when no stars are not in sight, there they are ,the little white lights with 4 red in it. They move all over the place. all doing different things. Watch the sky. To the west is the best one just to the left of the big dipper handle. It starts out just above my house then ends up next to the big dipper. Also 3 to the south 2 to the east, With others coming and going . This is wierd and scary. What’s next ??????

  3. Has anyone who’s encountered a UAP tried to point a laser pointer towards it? To gain it’s attention. I would do so if I could, just to interact with them. Just hoping they don’t kill me lol. uwu

  4. The powerful sound of a bugler playing “Taps” is a call to remember those who gave their lives in the service of the United States. Born of a French bugle call, the melody we know as “Taps” was rearranged and used during the Civil War as a call for lights out.

    Might our elders be alerting to taps that are about to played for Americans?

  5. So I was a resident of Midland, Wa I cant remember the exact day or time I was greated by what seemed to be a military hellecopter headed towards my apartment. I Had been messing with electricity wifi and a uv light air purafire. It got really hot in the apartment despite no heat that evening. I nearly passed out a few times and I saw the chopper headed my way and was conserned that maybe I emitted a large amount of radiation seing as it was weirdly hot and my head felt wierd and magnets were acting odd in the hall way the days following. My spare phone went missing the following day, and plants grew werid after that. I believe I almost made a bomb of some sort or maybe something more science fiction. Those lights I think were an army grade helicopter due to possible threat of an atttack albeit by accident. Or it may be something else. All I know is that I could not sleep for three days and there was an abnormally high uv index for the time of year proceeding the Nicholic Friction Altrication.

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