Mysterious Square-Shaped UFO Stuns Boat Driver at Lake Monroe, Indiana 23-Sep-2023

Square-shaped UFO sighting over Lake Monroe / Watch the full video below!
Square-shaped UFO sighting over Lake Monroe / Watch the full video below!

On the calm waters of Lake Monroe, Indiana, an unsuspecting boater had an experience that would leave even the most hardened skeptics scratching their heads. The date? September 23, 2023. As the sun began its descent, the clear skies were punctuated by an anomaly that defies traditional explanation – a square-shaped UFO.

The witness, navigating his boat on the Cutright side of Lake Monroe, initially mistook the object for an airplane banner. But in an unexpected twist, there was no plane in sight. Instead, a silent, hovering square shape dominated the horizon, moving with inexplicable speed and agility.

Witness report

Without a sound, the object darted southward, only to disappear and re-emerge further in the same direction. As if defying the very laws of physics, it zipped back north, repeating its mysterious path. But the grand finale was yet to come. As the observer made his way through the causeway, this enigmatic UFO executed a rapid ascend northward, taking a 25-degree incline, and vanished into the abyss of the sky.

With UFO sightings becoming increasingly mainstream, this incident at Lake Monroe stands out not only because of its unique shape but also its baffling movements. Was it an advanced drone? A secretive military project? Or perhaps something not of this world? Only time will tell. But for now, Lake Monroe joins the growing list of global UFO hotspots.

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  1. I saw the same UFO across the English Midlands on 1st September 2023 but I didnt have a camera. Why does your film deliberately keep “loosing” the UFO and keep looking left when it’s clearly over to the right, adding suspicion to the footage?

  2. Isn’t this just a plane towing a sign? I saw one in Virginia recently and at a long distance you cannot see the small plane towing it.

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