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Ring over Mexico

January 11, 2010 LUFOS 1

Air phenomenon or UFO – Some kind of ring over Mexico recorded in early January. ovni, recent latest ufo sightings footage new, metallic, portal, gap, […]

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Remarkable triangle UFO footage

January 9, 2010 LUFOS 5

A truly remarkable triangle UFO footage recorded in Ireland in early January 2010. 22nd January 2010 – More info about this sighting: https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net//2010/01/triangle-shaped-ufo-recorded-over.html February 15, […]

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Orb recorded over Colombia

January 9, 2010 LUFOS 0

Latest UFO sighting – Orb recorded over city Bucaramanga – Santander, Colombia on 31th December 2009. ovnis, NLO, recent, new, footage, sightings, nasa, area51, video