Daytime UFO was seen and recorded over Dade County, Miami 13-Mar-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This unknown object was recorded hovering in the daytime sky over Dade County in Miami on Sunday, 13th March 2011 around 7:30 pm.

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  1. funny cause at march 13 between 1:20 am- 2:00 am a red object appeared.. looked like a ufo, then dissapeared, then looked like a planet.. basically like that picture but flipped, and dark/bright red

  2. This is not fake I have a similiar video which occurred on March 17th in Brevard County Florida seen from Melbourne, FL about 6am in morning. My girlfriend noticed it driving on 95 from the Sanford airport. She said you could see it very clearly from the highway right before daybreak, unfortunetly I got it on camera right after sunrise but you can still see it. The weird thing was it never

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