Daytime UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona 13-Mar-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New footage of daytime UFO activity in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. This four unknown objects were filmed on Sunday, 13th March 2011, on the 14th anniversary of Phoenix lights in 1997 (link: Phoenix lights).

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  1. That UFO is showing it`s Easter colors.<br />This guy sure sees a lot of UFOs.I live next to an air base and I watch the sky.Only seen one thing I could not id in all the years.I guess the UFOs don`t hang around here much for fear of being shot down.<br /> Ever wonder why a police helicopter does not come check out some of the UFO`s hovering around like the ones over NY. and other cities and

  2. I seem to think thats not a day time ufo in phoenix but it looks more like a kite sorry to say, what does every one else think ?

  3. For me isn´t fake, this a real ufo footage and it was very nice filmed. But there´s a question to Erik Jiménez and is the following : What happened later ?, because the video ends all of a sudden. Thanks. Luis from Argentina.

  4. I saw this yesterday around 3pm, in Torrance CA. The exact same thing that was filmed in Phoenix AZ, 3/11/2011. I never believed before I saw it with my own eyes. Did anyone else spot this here in California?

  5. I saw this yesterday during the day here in California. I have never seen one before and never sure if I believed it until I saw with my own eyes.

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