This Day in Paranormal History: Mass UFO sightings in Mexico in 1991

July 11, 2010 – On this day, July 11, 1991, a wave of UFO sightings began in Mexico.
These sightings, with the advent of the personal video camera, made the events that started that day the most documented UFO sightings in history.
There was a solar eclipse on that day, just like there will be today, giving reason to the citizens of Mexico to look toward the sky. Hundreds of eyewitnesses reported seeing a bright object hover in the sky over Mexico City and surrounding areas. Some of those people even videotaped the phenomena.
Debunkers of the phenomena stated that the planets Venus or Jupiter would have been unusually bright during the eclipse. Yet, it was widely believed that Mayan prophecies began to unfold on that day. The solar eclipse that the Mayans told of would be an event that would signal many events to come: earth changes and cosmic awareness though extraterrestrial encounters.
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