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UFO crash reported live from California 22-Aug-2010

Apparently something big happened last weekend in USA UFO hotspot Fresno in California. I will be following the development of this story. Supposedly there is footage of the crash site. More to come, but for now, here are two articles:

UFO Crash Reported Live from California

August 27, 2010 - UFO reports have been taking a dramatic turn lately with more witnesses describing events related to a sort of conflict between military forces and large black triangular craft. Such craft were seen in Canada earlier this week allegedly being fired upon by helicopters and another was spotted near Fresno California crashed into the side of a mountain with military vehicles quickly surrounding it. What uncertainty does this bear for the future?

When MUFON's Jeffrey Gonzalez received a phone call on MUFON's 24 hour hotline, what he heard sounded at first like one of the most historically significant UFO sightings since the Roswell incident, but carried with it a far more sinister undertone given other recent sightings of human conflict with these mysterious craft.

With witnesses screaming in the background, "It's trying to take off, it's trying to lift!" Mr. Gonzalez learned that witnesses had seen a black triangular craft crashed into the side of a mountain at the location just north of Fresno. Wasting no time, Gonzalez sprang into action and arrived at the scene where the witnesses had called from. What he observed were three white lights coming from the hillside and several vehicles descending on the object through the rough terrain. From his position on the mountain he then witnessed a light similar to an arc welder used to cut through metal and in automobile production. Gonzalez speculates that the craft may have been undergoing repairs or being torn through by the welders in order to transport it in more easy to manage pieces. By the light of day the investigator left behind reported seeing a peculiar stingray shaped vessel in front of an abandoned shack on the mountain accompanied by two massive burn marks on the hill.

If there is a conflict ongoing between military forces and these mysterious triangular aircraft several questions need to be addressed. First, what is the nature of the conflict? Is it a serious assault or could they possibly be part of some sort of clandestine training program or war game scenario? Second, if the craft are not part of the US military and the conflict is as genuine as many witnesses are suggesting, what purpose do the triangular craft serve and who are their occupants? Of course this is even assuming they have occupants. And of course the most general and possibly most important question that is ever present remains, what are the craft doing?

The scene described has two possible scenarios that could lead up to it, and either one without additional disputing evidence seems at least possible at this point. Either one, the craft was a test vehicle that underwent some sort of malfunction and was grounded for some reason, or two it was actually engaged in some sort of mission. And if the second scenario is true, what happened to the occupants of the craft? And will there be more looking for them soon? Perhaps the most disturbing bit of evidence suggesting the second scenario might be true comes in the form of the witness testimony overheard by Gonzalez, "It's trying to take off, it's trying to lift!" Unless it was in possibly hostile territory, why would it risk exposure and further malfunctions by trying to take off so quickly after having crashed rather than wait for assistance from the ground?

Reported TR-3B (Triangle) Crash Sighting, Witnessed by Family

August 24, 2010 - A Central Valley California Family driving home late Saturday Evening (August 21st, 2010) called the 24 hour hotline of Jeffrey Gonzalez (MUFON State Section Director) to report seeing a “Triangle Shaped Craft” make a hard landing onto the side of a nearby mountain just north of Fresno CA.

While talking to a male witness by phone, the investigator reported over hearing two female witnesses speak in the background describing the lights of the craft. He over heard them saying, “It’s trying to take off, it’s trying to lift!”

He also stated, “When I arrived to the area where the family was, I looked up on the mountain and there were three distinct glowing white lights coming from the area where the family reported seeing the craft; these could be seen on the side of the mountain. What puzzled me was that there are no homes or buildings on the side of that mountain. There is only a small shack used by military utility teams from the nearby base, which is visible during the day.”

The investigator also stated that upon his arrival he immediately began to videotape the event, at the time of this writing it is not known if still photos were taken.

He reported that 15-20 minutes after his arrival multiple unknown vehicles began to congregate on the mountain surrounding the crash site. And within minutes of their arrival he began to see through his camera viewfinder what was definitely a bright bluish-white light quite reminiscent of the output of an arc welder. His immediate thoughts were that the craft was being repaired to resume flight, or disassembled for removal from the area.

The UFO Investigator decided to stay the evening recording all the events. The next morning at 6:00 AM he could see two long scorch marks on the side of the mountain leading up to the shack. And in front of the small shack was a large craft reminiscent of a stingray.

He commented, “At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But it’s exactly as how I describe it; it looked like a stingray shaped air craft .”

Jeffrey Gonzalez reported that the area on the Mountain is private and inaccessible to the public. He and a fellow UFO investigator made several attempts later that morning to get to the site but could not find an access point from any public areas. When they returned to the public vantage point to record the area once again, the craft was gone.

Currently Jeffrey Gonzalez says they are processing the video of the event to make it available for everyone to see at their website.

It should be noted that this event occurred in proximity near the "ANGB/Fresno “Deep Underground Military Base” located at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, formerly Fresno Air Field. The facility is run by The 144th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard Base (ANGB), of Fresno California. Interestingly, the 144th Fighter Wing is under the direct oversight of the North American Aerospace Defense Command “NORAD”, which itself is located 2,000 feet deep inside of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

This event comes as a complete surprise as it coincides with Mr. Gonzalez and me (Anthony Sanchez) jointly participating in an Investigative Report on Underground Bases in CA. We’ll be together on location within the week to perform additional research in to the crash and any relation to ANGB/Fresno “Deep Underground Military Base”.

Videos of latest UFO sightings from Fresno (California) - click here!

Monday, 30th August 2010 UPDATE:

Video of triangle UFO over Fresno, CA the day after the crash 22-Aug-2010
This video was tapped the day after the crash occurred in Fresno, California (Sunday, 22nd August 2010), coming from the same area as the crash. I am not making that assumption that it is the same craft but the wittness states they look pretty close - wrote the original poster of this video on youtube. More info in the video. Link to this post.

Tuesday, 7th September 2010 UPDATE:
Footage from the crash site!

Well we've waited over 2 weeks for these videos and here they are, the videos which Jeffery Gonzalez put up on his facebbook wall. Real or hoax? You be the judge!

Jeffrey driving to the crash site on Aug 21, 2010

Vehicles at the crash site..Aug 21, 2010

Fashlights at the crash site, Aug. 21, 2010

Arch welding at the crash site of Aug 21, 2010

Is this the craft that crashed on Aug 21, 2010 in Fresno

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  1. “Deep Underground Military Base”, aka D.U.M.B.
    that about sums it up.

  2. If this guy was there, lets see his footage.

    Bring it. The world wants to know.

  3. I witnessed one of these craft while on a training operation while in the Guard. These are partially lighter than air craft with static lift and also turbine lift engines on each corner. These are to be used in a disinfo campaigne. I do not know the reason, but a project blue beam type of faked Alien invasion was brought up at the breakfast table by the other Guard and Air Guard folks who also witnessed this craft. They also mentioned our holographic tech, and the real reazon Iraqi troops gave up w/out a fight in Gulf War I. It was not carpet bombing but them believing they were seeing their great prophet in the clouds speaking to them. The craft we saw.. well it ws not just big, It was HUGE, this was a day light sighting so certain components were very visible. Draw your own conclusions, but if you see an announcment that we are at conflict w/an Alien race with live video of MANY dozens of these craft around the world in an Independence Day type of scenario. Do not drop to your knee's and give up all of your rights out of fear. Nor if you see the prophet of your religion on the clouds. Many will be deceived. They say intel ops are like magician shows. People believe w/they see way to easily.
    My 2 Cents on this obvious and by the book disinfo project.

    1. Certainly they would like an incident scenario for a UFO
      invasion to be reported worldwide for mass mania but it seems the main push at present is building a revenge, fear or hate scenario (Iran Bulgaria bus attack ??)for the world to justify a U.S. and/or Israeli attack on Iran.

  4. that's a seriously stupid rationalization. how does someone's interest in underground military bases - which probably do exist - completely disqualify all of their other research from being valid? I'd stay anonymous if I had such poor critical thinking skills as you.

    The UFO crash is in 99% probability a true event. MUFON is very serious about how they document events. They've never once been known to fake UFO sightings.

    1. Mufon has been infiltrated by the cabal. Mufon even fired it's director a few years back for this reason.

  5. On Thursday between 3am and 4am i witnessed 4 strange lights in the sky in livermore CA. These were not planes thats for sure.

  6. I will just write reading everything carefully here, just how inaccurate the information on this particular topic is. I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

    The event occurred at night, starting at dusk. Amusingly, what that photo above (smoke on a hill) has nothing at all to do with the event. Someone will label it disinformation, but I will not even dignify that with such a title, more perhaps just silly zeal and their imagination, then sold as fact. Who ever posted the hill smoke photo amusingly does not know. Calling it another Roswell is very premature. Based on three witnesses viewing description alone, and mind you from a very considerable distance away (at night), the objects behavior reportedly from these witnesses describe the motions of a object 'less than conventional' to state it safely. But also, the witnesses were describing events in a very excited state, and were expecting to see something, having watched the area for unusual happenings for sometime. So it will all hinge on what hours of video will show.

    Why a delay in getting a video out for analysis? No top secret, or proprietary concerns, no vast cover up conspiracy....just simply a tiny technical matter of converting analog to digital. LOL

    My advice at present is to patiently calmly wait and see for a little more, not fuel more internet static with groundless speculation pitched as fact. Analysis of the video can then be made, and hopefully those facts will be permitted to be shared with the a anxious world for what it is worth.

    Very considerately....

  7. To son of Will.
    What the guy said who was in the Guard is a very real possibility.
    You need to do more research and find out more about the tactics that the gov may use to fool the population. Imagine that scenario where we are told (lied to) that we are being attacked by ufo's and that we are asked to give up all our weapons (by the aliens)etc and they will let us live. At that point the gov can then take control of the population in a much simpler way without anyone having weapons or any protection.
    What he said about hologram technology exists in a big way and our wonderful leaders will and DO use it to fool us. Just watch what they attempt in the near future!

  8. to bad their is no video of the incident .

  9. I believe they were testing out how much damage the enemy can lay upon on some prototype UAV. Or it was TR-3B test flight and something went wrong. But if they had been firing at an actual alien spacecraft none of us would be reading this article right now.

  10. I will just write reading everything carefully here, just how inaccurate the information on this particular topic is. I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

    The event was discovered & reported occurred at night, starting just after dusk. The photo (smoke on a hill) is false and does not in any way relate to the event. Whoever posted the hill/smoke photo amusingly is free to do so, but is steering everyone a curve ball. There was no smoke, and whatever was recorded occurred at night.

    Calling it another Roswell is very premature. Based on three witnesses viewing description alone, and mind you from a very considerable distance away (at night), the objects behavior reportedly from these witnesses describe the motions of a object 'less than conventional' to state it safely. But also, the witnesses were describing events in a very excited state, and were expecting to see something, having watched the area for unusual happenings for sometime. So it will all hinge on what hours of video may or may not show.

    Why a delay in getting a video out for analysis? No top secret, or proprietary concerns, no vast cover up conspiracy....just simply a tiny technical matter of converting analog to digital.

    Wait a little more patiently, enough internet speculation pitched as fact. Analysis of the video will be made, and hopefully those facts will be permitted to be shared with an anxious world for what it is worth.

    Hope it helps.

  11. yupm...anopther vipdeo opf apn aiprplane...

    drugs...not just fer breakfast anymore

  12. Hi.
    I live near Fresno and i hear that man in black visited that man who have the footage of crash site... and yeah, i'm NOT joking about that!!

    i'll report more soon!

  13. If this is another Roswell as has been suggested, is the military base in this instance also an outpost installed for nuclear war fighting?

    When the craft was found in 1947 At Roswell the 509th atomic bombing group was operating from that location.

    Any connection?

  14. Hmmmm...I appreciate if you could post some images which would allow us to have some closer look at the incident? (Plz don't mind)Coz I'm not in a position to believe UFO's until and unless I see them with my own eyes...for now I really want to look at the close shot...please post them if it is really possible...Thanks..

  15. You may be the fortunate ones who can't 'see' UFOs, 85% of people can't.
    I and my girls saw a UFO in the sky above our street and we 'knew' what it was. My sister saw it and swore blind it was a helicopter. I didn't push it. I realized later the UFO was giving off a perception filter; "I am a helicopter" and her brain just accepted it.

    Only 15% of the world can't be mind controlled and that is being shrunk by left-brained education and destroying Roma/Gypsies and withholding ancient knowledge.
    So do you really want to see a UFO? The truth is not pleasant and it is going to get worse.
    I have filmed "5 July 2010 Kite or UFO" on Youtube. Please look at it and tell me what the hell it is, even if it is a kite but I will need proof.


  17. I live in Silicon Valley in the Bay Area of northern California. I'm not sure I buy into any of the wild theories posted here as that Icke Due strikes me as a complete whackjob and I really don't have any proof one way or the other to "believe" in one story or another as I'm not one prone to believing much of anything on faith.

    However, I have myself never seen a UFO until August 2010. Since mid August I have seen them nearly nightly in my area. On one occasion I was able to clearly see with my own eyes a triangle shape. I continue to try and capture it in photos and have been giving everything I come up with to MUFON for analysis in an attempt to make sense of what I saw.

    The suggestion above that the craft could be a hybrid dirigble/blimp type thing with fans at each corner MAY explain some of the movements that I witnessed as the objects I have seen have not "flown" as much as hovered. They were really more of a UHO in that regard than a UFO. The odd thing is that they are pretty much in the same place most times I see them, which of course makes me second guess myself that perhaps I am witnessing a run of the mill celestial object and mistaking it for something else.... but the photos an video I have taken seem to suggest otherwise. Yes, they are blurry, and no, I have no smoking gun proof that will persuade naysayers, but they are intriguing to me nonetheless.

    What is remarkable although fantastical that I just read above is that there has been the suggestion that only some people can see them. That at first sounds like crazy talk but I must say my own wife does not see what I see, although the video and photos I have taken correlate with my perceptions more than hers IMHO. I am letting MUFON be the judge. But my wife and I are both sane in all other respects so unless I am suffering from delusional disorder or am seeing illusions then something odd is going on in California skies as of late, and perhaps elsewhere. I am quite interested in seeing what comes of all this, but I must say it is a bit spooky.

    Would somebody mind elaborating on how this proposed mechanism of masking it's appearance would work on some people and not others that is scientifically plausible? I don't think I believe it, but it would be a possible explanation as to why my very reliable wife would have no perception of what I am seeing other than assuming I have gone off the deep end, which in every other aspect of my life appears to not be the case.

  18. no seriously this did happen I have the whole video of this. yo it was the infamous black triangle craft. this cratf was reverse engineered from the Vimana <-- google that. Anyway thats what they get for being so securtive the buracartic jerks they dont know what they have there. History repeats itself dam they are just not ready for this tecnology hell we were not ready 6,000 years ago bet any amount of money they had a problem with the Mercury Vortex Propulsion I guarantee it.

  19. why are you filming so far away??? GET CLOSER!

  20. I love people saying "This isn't a UFO!!"

    Idiots, and UFO can be anything from a bird, to an airplane, if you think it's not alien, say ALIEN..

    And if you think aliens don't exist, you're as stubborn and arrogant as the people who still think the earth is flat

  21. Ok i watched the first video and the lights seem to form a V shape with a blinking light in the middle. I can't help but remember the Roswell series, how that symbol of a V dotted shape was like a map. This is only me speaking and to be honest, I believe that something fishy is up? I may be wrong but all I can say is ... why the hurry to get to the crash? I personally think UFO or maybe cover up of U.S Military work. In the end they don't want us to know.

  22. OK, Why is that it that these people always have shitty cameras that cant focus at all, why would you be using a vhs camera to record this, a camcorder with better quality then that can't cost that much!I mean come on, vhs? This is 2010, i think some cellphone cameras could have taken a better picture then that< even the people on the bikes right in front of him looked grainy. I think something was definitely there but that shiny sliver thing could not be defined as a stingray shape it was too out of focus, it was just a roundish blur of shining light! Why do all these "profesional" UFO hunters use these crappy cameras? No wonder nobody believes them.

  23. I Agree if anyone believes this dont you think in our city more then 3 people would have seen i mean sky harbor c mon at least 15 teens out there making out none of them saying anything and sad thing is i reported a fire on that hill side the same morning highway patrol already said is was being contained. Im very nosey about fires etc so one of my accounts was 1 mile from the actual fire i drove around and the fenceline where the fire was was a V shape and controlled the fire from a prevention line the land owner made. thus making the triangle. Sorry to say I believe in aliens but this whole thing is bs if you ask me. some things you cant keep secret and if you know the country folk they watch there land. im sure there would be 20 rednecks there with there 12 gauges and a 30 pack and lawn chairs. hell i would LOL.

  24. To those out there who think UFO's are a hoax or a trick of the mind, I know better.
    I have seen craft I know are not of this world. I have managed to photograph some, to paint scenes of my early experiences and some that move out of sight so fast I can't get my camera turned on in time. Google "Encee's Albums". In "paintings" I have posted most of them.

  25. This is such an entertaining blog, thanks for the entertainment. Love a good laugh. \

    You Americans are truly wacky. Stop drinking the water, or having kids with your brothers/sisters/cousins

  26. First off...

    If your really serious bout all of this at least get a descent f$%^#*&ing HD camera with good OPTICAL zoom! I'm so sick and tired of these blurred video's of some lights or what not..

    A flying triangle..???? It's a god$%#&@ airplane with nav-lights that look like a triangle in the dark and it does not make a sound because your to far away...

    Untill you have proof that they really took your brain when they abducted you...give a shout.. :)

  27. I agree with the 3rd comment. This is setting up for a huge fake alien conflict presented to the world. Believe it. Holograms in the sky designed to fool the people. None of this is true. They know very well if life in the universe does exist, it may be impossible to reach us or them. So why not prey on peoples fears and give them aliens and use it to their monetary gain? The UFO deception around the time the economies collapse world wide. Keep cash at home on hand, lots of it. Stock up on food and the basic essentials. Its going to be ugly. God Speed.

  28. WE have experienced seeing an object near Alpine CA 91909. We looked through a telescope only to see some deep reddish lights encircling an object in the center disc shaped. On the outside is a bright flashing white light and then there are green and blue lights. Sometimes it goes dim into a bluish color. The UFO seems to move about, up and down and then goes right and then left. We are still uncertain if it is in fact a UFO, but they have been noticed out in this mountainous area.

  29. well the video of the triangle at night is a pretty good video. i believe in aliens visiting this little blue ball..
    If i saw that i would shit my pants

  30. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot5:01 AM, December 01, 2010

    "The UFO Investigator decided to stay the evening recording all the events. The next morning at 6:00 AM he could see two long scorch marks on the side of the mountain leading up to the shack. And in front of the small shack was a large craft reminiscent of a stingray."
    Where is the footage of the scorch marks? The stingray craft? And if he couldn't record the scene (no tape/space left on his camera, battery was dead, whatever) couldn't he get some photos? No, instead we get grainy videos of cars with spotlights (OMG!) and "houses that don't exist" (Gasp!) Daylight photos would have gone a long way to support their case. My rating:
    Highly Dubious

  31. The top video is an actual sighting of a conventional aircraft. I spent 4 years as an aircraft mechanic in the AF on large multi engine jets. Each light is easily ID'd as they fit standard aircraft lighting. Two of the three that make up the triangle are the nav lights on the wig tips, the one out front is either on the nose or just atop of where the crew deck is. There is another on ITS left side that is a leading edge light, but you can't see the one on the right because it is obscured by the fusilage. Finally, there is another that appears to the rear and somewhat to the right of the aircraft. That's a tail light.

    That's what you get when people with viseo cameras and little objective thinking take pix at night. However, having said this....I personally believe that there are UFOs and legitimate sightings. This one is misidentification.

  32. I also question why it is that the people who "watch the sky" do so with poor quality equipment? Every time the vision is ful of grain and out of focus, stop zooming in and drive closer to the scene, I'm afraid these sites and those people like Dr Greer and Co are making a financial gain out of their stories! I have an open mind on this subject but to hear Greer talk about how many "encounters" he had had and yet never substantiate his claims with evidence just drives people away. As for the crash on the hill can't buy it cause as usual there is no evidence, only grainy poor quality video, get some decent photo/video equipment, have people with some basic camera skills operate it then get back to me, no offence but the public need much better quality evidence.

  33. This looks like a stealth to me. I live near Moffet and they fly over at night. They're quiet because they're "spy planes". Keep in mind that there is more than one design for the stealth. Do a Google image search and you will see them.

    I do believe we're not alone but I won't grasp at straws.

  34. Hey I was just curious if its a ufo why are they welding it??

    1. You don't cut anything up with a welder, plasma cutter yes, but with the amount of arc flash's they could not have welded 3 cleat's on the (craft) let alone cut it up.I agree, if you are going to be a investigator in any field you should have state of the art equipment or don't bother.As for people saying they want to see definite proof before they will believe LMFAO,billions of people pray to a God that no one has ever seen,no pic's no vid's LOL and for people NOT to believe there is other life in the universe, that's the biggest piss take,if we humans are the only intelligent life forms in the universe, then the universe is fucked. Human's, the most greedy self-centred creature's to walk this planet. Yes we don't have bad technology,but we're not jumping in our own spaceship and flying to the moon or anywhere else,THEY are, and where do you think our technology came from this last 60yrs,do you really believe that a student invented the micro chip,IN HIS GARAGE PMSL

  35. Hey it`s 2010!? You have to buy a better camera, and then you`ll see it`s just all, but no UFO!!!

  36. ufos are real the government lies its time we all grew up and quit laughing at this subject keep an open mind and realize were not alone never have been never will be so quit being afraid fear kills knowledge and makes you a slave.Just take a minute or two do a little research and you will see the truth is out there,right in front of your eyes.they are playing serious games with your futures so dont be shocked when shit goes really bad.Remember truth and light will always prevail over darkness and lies unless good men and women do nothing,so remember dont laugh listen and support those whom have seen and experieced ufos,to quote a famous man its only logical.So i leave you with this do a random act of kindness you never know you might like it.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. A few years ago walking home one night I saw something flash across the sky a lot faster than any plane could fly even today, it lasted for around 45 sec, then it turned and went upwards out of sight, I say this because a couple of years later I read about this chap who seemed to know about space and he reckoned it could be that if there was visitors from other planets that they might not be on the same plain as us so it might be imposible for them to land,if this is correct could this be why we see them in the sky but not on land unless a tragedy occurs.


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