UFO video: Daytime footage of flying saucer over Milano, Italy 17-Apr-2007

Daytime UFO video of flying saucer hovering in the sky over Trezzano in Milano, Italy. This footage was recorded on 17th April 2007.

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  1. Oh yeah….there are little green men aboard that UFO balloon. I&#39;m so sick and tired of MTV style UFO videos put to music. As if it&#39;s a rock show. And it&#39;s even worse when it&#39;s as fake as Nancy Pelosi&#39;s, face.<br /><br />Merry X-Mas <br />Best Regards<br />From Texas

  2. Just curious, what exactly makes it fake? People will believe a hazy glow you can barely see in the middle of a night a UFO, but when there is a video or picture that gets a good view or look at one, its an obvious fake? Im not saying this one is real or not, but I&#39;d like to see more people giving &#39;good&#39; photos a second look.

  3. I totally agree with you. And to the point I would love to see some really good video. I will give most UFO video&#39;s an honest assessment before jumping to conclusions. But I look at lot&#39;s of video all over the web. And when you see an obvious UFO balloon fake such as in this video it easy to compare it&#39;s movement, style, etc to the many other known balloon fakes. Now grant it let us

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