Fast triangle-shaped UFO was filmed in Fresno, California Feb-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Very fast triangle-shaped craft was recorded flying across the sky over Fresno in California. This UFO video was taken in early February 2011 at 9:12 pm.

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  1. Come on, this is the insane ROBERT THORSON under one of his numerous online handles.<br />Every video is the same: he tapes a plane or helicopter, he loudly proclaims, &quot;That ain&#39;t no [expletive] plane!&quot; You write &quot;plane,&quot; in the comments, he sends you a savage response, then deletes your comment and blocks you from his channel.

  2. you must forgive people like terry for saying these ignorant things about me ROBERT THORSON kingufokid ufoattacks ufowizard and theufokidfresno &lt; all my accounts on youtube. some people are either jealous or they cant understand how i can film so many real UFOS here in fresno ! i assure you i do film real ufos and i been them here since 2006. any question i will be happy to answere them for

  3. I saw something similarly colored but not as clear or close and not moving at all then very slightly.<br />I live in Hilliard, Florida and I saw this for first time last Saturday night under Orion, but then last night again (3/11/11)I saw it under Orion in Western sky about midnight, a second one in NW sky under Big Dipper and a third in NE sky, all at same time, so there were at least three I

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