UFO: Unknown lights flying over Portland, Oregon 4-Feb-2011

UFO video 2011 – New footage of unknown lights flying across the night sky over Portland, Oregon. This was taken on Friday, 4th February 2011 around 9 pm.

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  1. i saw these same exact lights over the portland Oregon airport on Feb 1st around 6 or 8pm while standing next to my car on mill plain in Vancouver Washington after it broke down, i couldnt keep my eyes off of it!

  2. I saw this exact same thing about a year ago, from a very similar location, actually. I watched them float around for about 10 minutes then eventually they disappeared behind that building on the right in the video, and I couldn't see them anymore from where I was. My girlfriend also watched them with me once I called her outside.

  3. I've seen these lights form and hold a prefect triangle that was pointed towards my house. I've also seen a few traveling faster than jets. I live in SE Portland,OR.

  4. I saw these same light about 2 years ago in the exact same pattern when I was at Vancouver lake at night in the summer.

  5. It's funny but I have seen these kinds of lights over N. Portland every once in a while for a year or so mostly in the mid-evening, the last time being the 4th of August. Usually I see them in groups of three or sometimes four; I first thought they were planes or helicopters but they are too close together for aircraft and they make no noise– but if you turn away for a moment, they're

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