Fast UFOs or Orbs in triangle formation over Denver, Colorado 1-Mar-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New footage of three fast unknown objects or orbs flying across the sky over Denver in Colorado. This was recorded on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 at 7:45pm.
Witness report: This was recorded on the 1 of March 2011 in southeast Denver USA at 7:45 p.m. This was recorded on a Casio Exilim camera through a night vision device made by a company Xenonics, SuperVision a starlight amplifier. There was NO moon present as it was very dark. Again as in my previous UFO videos. THESE THINGS ARE INVISIBLE TO SEE, you need special equipment that is expensive, I have spent over $2000. to make this possible, my objective is to find out if the US has anti-gravity aircraft and if they do, why they don’t share this technology with the taxpayers who pay for this…Or maybe it’s NOT OURS ?
I tend to thinks it ours, with OTHER stuff thrown in that is definitely NOT OURS…I make this observation through study of these objects and past USAF experience, as I did work on jets for many years…
Author (magnetflipper @ youtube)

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  1. Why are some people saying that it's fake? Care to explain? What is it, CGI? If so, it's the best darned doctored video I've ever seen. Granted that they're just three dots of light, but they fly like nothing we have on Earth.

  2. Alliance, Draco or else..a lot of else lately…<br /><br />both use active cloaks. Fed doesnt officially have cloak tech.<br /><br />–Lord Jazz

  3. Impressive video you have invested a lot in your work keep it up.Thank you!<br /> The objects are fast moving and appear to change direction as if flying not falling.<br /> Nice to see a video that is not just a bunch of Chinese Lanterns,lighted balloons or tower tops or airplanes lining up to land.

  4. i seen something like this wathing for the shuttle fly over in scranton pa march 8th 722 pm i wonder if anyone else seen it the shuttle did a fly by about 1 min later

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