NASA’s footage of UFO above hurricane Irene 26-Aug-2011

UFO sightings – Some kind of fast cylinder-shaped UFO was recorded by NASA astronauts on ISS (International Space Station) on Friday, 26th August 2011. The object can be seen right after 0:50s.
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UFO video of unknown bright objects over New York was recorded on August 26th, 2011, a day before hurricane Irene’s arrival.


UFO news – update #2:

Another footage of strange activity was recorded in the sky above New York on 26th August, this one in Bronx.

Witness report: Ufo sightings in bronx new york….these flying fire ships make a triangle form and orbit into space…. This is real and not made up
Author (sire26 @ youtube)

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  1. We need to slow this down, capture the image of the cylinder/tube(?)…then try and zoom-in with as little pixilation as possible.<br />[I will try to find (as close to…) the origional clip and try this myself too]<br />I suspected it to be an old booster left in orbit, but as the ISS is in comparitively low orbit itself, and this image is &#39;below&#39; the ISS, why this &#39;object&#39; has

  2. I&#39;m not sure what that unidentified flying object is but to get really pedantic it&#39;s not really &quot;flying&quot; as there is no air in space. 😛 The above link is of a poorly filmed video of a TV screen showing a news broadcast of the hurricane using footage taken from the ISS above. The TV editor would normally edit out any unnecessaries before screening. The ISS would normally edit

  3. I think its a UFO because of two things: The first is I don&#39;t Know what is that and the second is because i think it is a UFO =D

  4. My theory is that it is one of three things:<br />1- It could be nothing more than space debris that got a little to close.<br />2- A &quot;failed&quot; attack by the Chinese. <br />3- Or just for fun lets say it could be an &quot;alien&quot; probe. 🙂

  5. Lmfao. Any one else hear that? &quot;I cant get a clear picture because im still mad high and i dont wanna drop my mommas phone.&quot; Around 1:20

  6. ive seen many ufos. agood deal in the pittsburgh, pa area in 2008. but every year i always see atleast a half dozen or so. the best one was the orange orb that got in front of an airplane and followed it. there are many thing unexplained. and some left more mysterious after my hubby talked to an ex nasa worker a long time ago. they should just tell us the truth. govt sux for that. those lying

  7. its obviously a satalite in a lower orbit you can see its perfect orbit against the curvature of the earth and im no expert i beleive we not alone in the universe and i beleive we not being told the truth, theres even references of rocket ships in the bible it self. you just need to read more the truth shall set you free, we don&#39;t need to be told we know…….read chariots of the gods….

  8. i believe it cuz i saw 1 the night of the earthquake here in brooklyn i posted vid on youtube but my camera sux so u cant basically see shit…but i saw it close and it had colors the lights it looked like a red orb most of time but then it would be a green orb it had 3 colors red green and i dunno if it was white or yellowish but the shape of the light were like this &quot;&lt;&lt;&lt;&quot;

  9. I finally found this online, I saw this from Greenwich Ave- not chinese lanterns. I dont believe in any weird stuff, I m an atheist and &quot;sane&quot; person- this was seriously weird. I was googling to find an explanation over a year later still nothing???

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