UFO activity was seen and filmed over Central Florida 16-Aug-2011

UFO sightings – This video of bright unknown object and other strange activity was recorded in the sky above Central Florida on Tuesday, 16th August 2011.
Witness report: i saw the ufo at about 6:15 am went back inside..at about 7 am the house shook.. i ran outside saw multiple low flying
unmarked helicopters flying at about 100 feet above the telephone poles were i had filmed the object…they were obviously investigating the ufo..the goverment dosent normaly fly over my house..i only filmed 3 of them but im sure that there were more in the air.. filmed with my panasonic sdr-s26 standard definition camera with 70x optical zoom..
Author (thruthseeker2012 @ youtube)

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  1. Good video showing location. It creates its own energy, so it isn't a balloon or Chinese lantern. Any way, why would military helicopters be dispatched for something that they would tell us is an illusion or a reflection of something.

  2. Great footage… my wife and I saw the same UFO above downtown Richmond, VA, one night in early spring, 2011, hovering a little closer to the ground… same shape, colors and moving pattern match this UFO.

  3. Good video. We see these things on a daily basis. Usually right before sunrise, or even earlier. (2:00-6:30a.m.) I live in Fort Lauderdale, right along I-75, and we see them descend into the Everglades every now and then. These lights can also be seen at sunset, moving through the clouds over the Everglades. Because of my location, there are 2-4 commercial flights overhead at ANY time. Although

  4. omg…. that light thats the same light i saw when i was 4 years old. there`s this light i`m looking for that i saw when i was little and i couldn`t sleep and my window was open and i saw this big red light it was like a red streak it was blinking and it wasn`t a plane but nobody believe me !! it looks like that!!

  5. In what direction was this object? What part of central Florida? I believe that some UFO sightings are unexplainable and are the result of some supernatural cause, but I've seen some thing like this before while in Orlando that turned out to be a test rocket fired from the Cape. It was in the east and burned bright in the sky. The only difference is that what I saw went upwards and not down

  6. I saw the same exact thing twice (in Northern California) and came here to find if anyone else did. No colors, just the light (white) and the machine it's in. Saw it twice and in both instances the light was promptly turned off within seconds of spotting it. Close enough to see it when the light was turned off. No noise, no colors, no choppers, not a satellite (I was that close) and

  7. Okay. I've always been skeptical about this kind of "taboo." That was until this past monday, October 24, 2011. I am not saying aliens exist; I am saying our government has knowledge of what we call "ufo"s…I'm sure they have groupings of categories of sitings. Anyhow, this is my story and I've been ridden with anxiety since I saw what I saw. Every night since

  8. *CONTINUED POST FROM ANONYMOUS*<br />I saw an extremely beautiful star, or at least that was my first impression. As I often stare at the night sky just to watch the stars (we have had some beautiful meteor showers as of late, one of which I saw within a mere two weeks of this sighting), I noticed this star was moving. It&#39;s orange glow grabbed my attention instantly. Mind you, Rockledge is

  9. *Continued from ANONYMOUS*<br />So once again, please. I have never seen anything like this besides the meteor I saw about two weeks ago. Either something is happening on the east coast or something is happening on the east coast. Once again, 8:30pm-9:30pm, eastern time. If you live in Orlando, look out east. If you live south of Orlando, look north-northeast. <br /><br />As I type this, my

  10. I just watched and filmed 3 ufos in the sky to the east, from about 5:30 am until they could no longer be seen due to the light at about 7:25 a.m. But they are still there, they just can’t be seen now because of the light of the sun coming up. I will try to get these videos to a ufo website. One light was bigger than the others and it actually halved itself occasionally, Or broke into sections, kind of like an orange. It changed colors constantly, usually from purplish blue to greenish. The smallest light was reddish. I think the 3 lights were varying distances away. They pulsed, moved, changed colors, and most amazingly, changed shapes and broke into pieces then came back into a whole over and over. When I was zoomed in on them, they most resembled the orbs that people (including myself) have been photographing, with interior structure, a dimple taken out of the outer ring (this seemed to be where the occasional breaking apart would initiate?). Phenomenal, I was filled with a feeling of love several times while filming, so I think they are benevolent!

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