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Your UFO reports: 1st June – 8th June 2013
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Bollington, Cheshire, England – 7 June 2013 13.15
Saw an emirates A380 high up at 39,000 feet, zoomed in 4 times magnification testing out new samsung s4 camera phone functions, took 2 pictures at same time, this object appeared in one of them

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Nevada – 6th June 2013
last night my family and I were camping at cave lake in northeastern Nevada. We were watching the stars and noticed a brighter than usual light moving across the sky. It was going pretty fast, and towards the end of the flight, of our vision, it started waggling. No sound came from it, and yet we could hear the plane to the north of it. we were just wondering if anyone else saw this?

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Antwerp, Belgium – june 6th 2013 around 20h
At around 20h in the evening i went out to shoot some pictures of chemtrails.
When i came back home and checked my pictures i saw this object in one of them.
Any ideas about what this object might be?
Please let me know

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Katy, Texas (I-10 @ grandparkway) facing south – june 3rd 2013

Every night around 4am I walk out the side door of my brother’s garage and look to the night sky and enjoy a few mins of moonlight. This morning however the moon’s position was out of view and my attention was drawn to a blinking light moving slightly across the sky at a high altitude. The sky was very clear and there was not a cloud in sight. At first the light appeared to be part of a constellation, but after about a min of watching, it seemed to move across the sky. Although at a great distance, there was clearly mass to the object and encouraged the idea of an aircraft. The blinking light made me think airliner. after moving at a steady rate across the sky for about 2 mins the object completely disappeared. I stayed outside for 15 mins looking for a trace and it was nowhere. The object was well within my field of view when it suddenly lost luminescence and the red light stopped blinking. I send this in only in hopes that someone else may have seen a similar object at this time and place.; I send this as more of a record of statement.

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Willowdale, Toronto – June 02, 2013 23:34
Accidentally taking UFO picture when I was testing my new camera for night photography.

Pictures “UFO_2_small” was my first and second shot. Shortly I noticed
there’s a small bright white light on the sky and I thought it’s simply a flight crossing the sky. I changed the angle of my camera a bit higher to include the light in the frame (“UFO_3_small”) and surprisingly the light went down rapidly and appeared larger. I had no time to think what it is but pressing the shutter button taking picture “UFO_4”. The bright light jumped up and disappeared from my sight in super speed.

“UFO_flying_pattern_small” explained how it was in the sky at that moment.



East Las Vegas – 6/1/13 1645L
Craft came from the North, moving South. Once intercepted approximately Flamingo rd. (from my vantage point from the South West of Craft)it hovered for a period of 30 seconds to 1 min, before heading direct East toward Lake Mead over East Las Vegas. The pictures were captured after I retrieved my camera and pursued a better shot from the balcony. Craft was now moving at a high rate of speed East bound and I was not able to locate in the camera. I chose to take a series of three shots in the direction. Upon analysis, the craft is visible in all three shots. The three pictures have not been altered in any way, only transferred from my camera drive to a PC for email.

I will add that when first spotted the craft was much closer; I would assume within 1-2 miles from my position. Although in Las Vegas, this airspace it is in is FAA controlled airspace and not associated with the nearby test ranges under DOT control.

Anonymous, if you please. Spooked after talking about the photos and need to disseminate.

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Bakersfield, CA – 9:02 PM, May 3, 2013
Two of us were sitting on a trampoline in my backyard when my dog ran to the east corner of the yard and barked once, which caught our attention. When she ran back to us, we noticed a bright object to the east in the sky. It looked like a planet, but brighter, and vertically shaped. It was moving at a constant, controlled speed, faster than a plane yet incredibly slower than a shooting star or a meteor. There were no flashing lights and no tail, only one solid white light. It was moving from south to north, first at a downward curve, before it moved closer to us which we were able to notice by its increasing size, and then once more at a downward curve moving north before it disappeared behind trees.

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