Sudden Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 Being Linked To Alien Abduction

Like any other big news involving lives of hundreds of people, missing Malaysia Airlines plane flight MH 370 filled with 239 passengers that went missing without a trace until now, has a share of some conspiracy theories. Four days of searching for the plane by Malaysia, Southeast Asian neighbors, the U.S. and other countries failed to find answer of the mysterious loss of the passenger jet. Various possible reasons of the missing jet and its location have filled in online aviation forums.

Possible reasons of the missing jet thatflood on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network include meteor shower, missiles and military conspiracy. The most extreme explanation goes to UFO or alien theory. Some believe that extra-terrestrial might be the culprit of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. They say that the plane, together with the passengers, was transported into an outer space wormhole.

UFO enthusiasts and believers are aware that Government has been hiding the truth about extra-terrestrials or UFOs since 1947. UFOs have been reported in many parts of the world by people from all walks of life including credible professionals such as pilot, engineers and military officers. Believers believe that UFOs are treat to the sovereignty of the humankind.

The plane took off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and headed to Beijing, China but the flight did not reach its destination as it lost contact somewhere over Vietnam. The plane just disappeared in radar screens from nearly an hour after takeoff in a good weather condition. There are unconfirmed reports about two oil slicks off the coast but no other signs of the plane. Still no wreckage being found.

There have been many reports about alien abducting ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle and this incident is believed to continue as long as people sail those seas. Could the extra-terrestrials abducted another plane from another place?

According to Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer Ahmad JauhariYahya, they’re considering all the possibilities as of the moment as they still have no clue on the reason of the disappearance.

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65 Comments on Sudden Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 Being Linked To Alien Abduction

  1. I believe it is a REAL possibility!

    • How the hell can you explaine no wreckage at all !! And now the passengers mobile phones still being active and being able to be called !!?? If it went in the ocean the mobile would stop working straight away and all calls would go straight to voice mail.. Not bloody ring and ring lol !! This shit is getting weirder by the day… All that technology on the ground and on the sea including the

    • janet hosier // March 12, 2014 at 2:58 pm // Reply

      i didn't hear about the cell phone thing! are you saying the news said that the phones are still ringing??

    • I just heard on CNN that the cell phones were ringing.

    • Will Asplund // March 13, 2014 at 6:10 pm // Reply

      The phones ringing doesn't prove anything. Just because the caller hears ringing, doesn't mean that phone is receiving the ringing. This is just the system trying to connect to the line, which it cannot find. The whole plane could be dust.

  2. janet hosier // March 12, 2014 at 2:56 am // Reply

    . it obviously went smack into the water and disintegrated like the jet over Peggy's Cove in 1998. there was nothing left from that crash too. no one saw it, and more oddly no one heard it.

    • There was wreckage from swis-air. body parts too.

    • But the difference in that plane and this is that this one was way off course. Why? That is where it all gets strange. Like could they have lost time and have been looking at a strange glowing green misty light like other plane passengers have reported in the Bermuda Triangle. Strange that we don't know more about our own world, our own ocean. Some people have never even heard of the Pacific&

  3. Norman rright // March 12, 2014 at 4:38 am // Reply

    It is an odd one that's for sure. But when you say it is being linked to alien abduction, by whom is it being linked by exactly? Listen, I am the most open minded person I know and have had a number of unexplainable UFO experiences in my years. But you can't just throw into the mix that this incident is linked to alien abduction without giving any evidence whatsoever, simply because this

    • Steve Sheeza // March 13, 2014 at 11:14 am // Reply

      Ever heard of Frederick Valentich ?? He actually reported a UFO was buzzing his plane, & many witnesses came forward reporting seeing UFO's that same day in the area where his plane went missing..Once again this occurred just outside of Melbourne, Australia once again currently in the midst of a UFO flap..To this day there's never been any wreckage found..!

    • Read what that guy Steve Sheeza has to say. Rederick Valentich reported a UFO was buzzing his plane and then it went mi8ssing outside of Australia too.

  4. They will let us know what happened when they figure out a good story for the masses to believe.

    • I also believe that they'll "create" a scenario when they run out of time. As usual, it will be swept under the rug and case closed.

    • Jay you are so correct, I think they may have already created a story and dumped something in the water to make people believe it is wreckage, they have done this before. People believe anything they tell them because they don't want to ever except the truth. Believe me if the aliens bring the plane back, our puppet masters will get rid of the people. It has been done before. https://

    • Oh, not this time. Those Chinese mothers are putting the fear of God in everybody. They never should have made the one-child rule. Whatever happens, if we see the end of communism as we know it today and religious extremism ie terrorism I will say thank you Lord for aliens.

  5. I reckon if it was aliens they would have preferred to take an aeroplane from the sky with out anyone else noticing they exists there has been crap in the sky lately I would be surprised and they could be forcing the passengers to help them invade our planet and asking them about our technology we have. have my doubts anyway just my theory

  6. There is also a hijacking theory. Yet, if no trace is ever found… the Alien abduction is always a good thesis for any large objects that evaporate into thin air.

  7. The original radar at the time of the incident has the plane at an alt. of 35,000 ft and traveling at cruising speed. Instantaneously, it's at 0 ft. altitude but still on the radar. How can this happen? My theory: place your hand about chest high and figure at scale it's 35,000 feet off the floor. Slide your other hand directly underneath it, slightly touching the underside of the '

    • janet hosier // March 13, 2014 at 3:35 pm // Reply

      you mean like in Close Encounter movie, when planes are discovered in the desert and then the people are returned from the mothership? yes.

  8. If you look at the flighttrack-radarvideo (full version on youtube) you see MH370 going north from Kuala Lumpur. Two other planes approuch Maleisia from the north-east over see. At 1.41 one of these planes stops midair and turns completely flying the opposite direction.At around 1.57 the other plane turns into a questionmark for 2 sec. then appears again also a 180 turn and flyes with increadable

  9. captphrank // March 12, 2014 at 5:29 pm // Reply

    This reply is to Jay… Where did you hear that the passengers mobile phones,(Cell) were still active?…If this is true, this is indeed weird, if Jay made this up, Bullocks to him…captphrank

  10. Was anyone special on this flight? All of the passengers and crew are special to someone. Wondering if a congressman or ? was on this flight?

  11. Maybe one of the area's military forces shot the plane down by mistake?

    • Yeah but you know what they say about secrets. I just think that would have gotten out by now.

    • shaurya rajput // July 17, 2014 at 10:51 pm // Reply

      I read there wer 20 black guv employees.. Black guv is basically a secret ultra secret organisation of d us(heard from sources) and they do deal witb unimaginable technology that seems feasibl only in d far future. Google tr3b aircraft n ull know how unimaginably advanced it is. And black guv is linked highly with aliens, mufon( an organisation) claiming that the aliens r actually meeting with these officials. The plane did disappear. And aliens can b linked with this because there have been many more cases of such aircrafts vanishing into thin air and most of the ccases even where the pilots have made the landing, all individual pilots from all over the world have all talked about the same strange balls of light doing crazy mid air stunts and following the planes and vanishing again, with unimaginabl speed. And even on the radar there is the proof about the crazy stuff the ufo did near the plane. During the cold war a ufo ws spotted over ukraine’s town and then, suddenly, ukraines forces’ nuclear missiles were being automatically switched on and were about to be fired but the system shut down on its own. Even many pilots flying over the oceans have reported themselves to be totally in control of the ufo or the superpower. So highly possibl IF there was a ufo yhere, it did control the flight, explaining the sudden detour and the possibility of the plane travelling for further many many miles. High chanced people are still alive and the plane is being kept by the aliens at unimaginabl impossibl places. Also, the black guv is qyt high tech. The plane could also have been taken under control by them and myt be somewhere on a small island or so.ething since the pilot practised landing on a small strip. I heard that some high technology was being carried in the plane as well, by the Chinese. So the usa interrupted and took the machine away or something like that. But the ufo theory is definitely possible. Not that i am a firm believer but i have seen enough facts, by diff sources and at diff locations at diff times, the case always appear to be the same. The presentation, scenario, and the consequences and actions taken, all are similar. So thats why..

  12. The wreckage will be found, I think. It took a couple of years to find the wreckage of the Air France flight that disappeared over the Atlantic in 2009. Debris was found earlier in that crash…but let's face it, in Malaysia they are searching an area the size of Pennsylvania and 99% of the wreckage is most likely UNDER WATER.

    • Clear water that is ONLY 60 meters deep and after what 6 DAYS there is still no plane or people anywhere on planet, lol they did not crashed ! I&#39;m 99% sure that gov. knows more then it tells i think they dont care about the plane or people but only how to clear their own azzes. Tere are many possibilities but i think few are on the top of the list :<br />1- Aliens starting mass experiments.<

    • janet hosier // March 13, 2014 at 3:41 pm // Reply

      this could be the beginning of forced government exposure and admission.

    • Will Asplund // March 13, 2014 at 6:18 pm // Reply

      I agree with Anonymous, that 99% of the wreckage would be underwater. alien: 60 meters is a ridiculous amount of water to cover, given the size of the search area. Most of it is closer to 250 meters. <br /><br />All that said, the ocean is insanely powerful. The plane could&#39;ve moved miles and miles in just 24 hours due to the currents in this part of the ocean. Even if it was 100% whole

    • Agree, well said.

    • We all know something smells here. How could our government stop a atomic bomb from being launched at us if they can&#39;t see them. This is BS&gt;

  13. Norman rright // March 12, 2014 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    Jay. all I get when I go to that link is <br /><br />&#39;Access to the file was denied&#39;

  14. Its a wounder they cannot trace the mobile phone location

  15. i am not saying i don&#39;t believe in them but 2 diplomats were on the plane, i think its an assassination

    • I doubt it

    • I think if it were an assassination they would have wanted the plane to have been found and it would have been. I have heard of that scenario where to get to one person they will take out the whole crowd.

  16. I believe cell phone service continues to provide a ring tone even if the phone is non responsive. Ufo&#39;s ? come on. They&#39;ll find the wreckage eventually if any, or they&#39;ll find the location of the plane and the reasons for incident.

    • Agreed, seems reality based. Then again sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Don&#39;t be quick to scoff at UFO&#39;s. There are a lot of things we don&#39;t hear about. Everybody in America has heard of the Bermuda Triangle but few people in America know about the Dragon&#39;s Triangle in the Pacific. A whole ship carrying Japanese researchers disappeared in the 1950&#39;s after they went to look for OTHERS who disappeared before they did!

  17. i dont believe aliens took the plane or mobile phones were called &amp; were ringing ? bunkum the plane couldve landed in some remote desert or disintegrated under water like comment made by janet h .if it has crashed landed it will be eventually be found maybe doesnt say much of 21st century technology a case for mulder &amp; scully lol. hope if there stranded somewhere remote there in ok

  18. Brave Heart // March 13, 2014 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    How much truth is in this:<br /><br />Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!<br /><br />

  19. What a load of rubbish this article is lmao, wake up and smell the coffee.!!

  20. if it was hijacked the passengers would have called on there phones that is a fact I don&#39;t believe radar didn&#39;t pick this up if they can track a missile they can track an aircraft wherever it is no doubt at all<br />

  21. Can folks look closely at the following location in Google Earth:<br />20 25 32.21 N, 136 04 52.15 E

  22. Of course it could be a abduction by aliens. After all we are mostly believers and would like this to be aliens. Not the murder of our fellow man. Because of the turn and the up and down in elevation… this is more than likely a kidnapping and or the killing of our fellow man by very evil sources. The plane is on a island near the middle east or in Iran or Pakistan. They are many evil people in

    • I don&#39;t think Muslim extremists or Terrorists are good at keeping secrets. I think U.S. intelligence had an idea Osama was in Pakistan; it was just pinpointing him. And the more people they capture the more they want to talk about it; example: Iranian Hostage Situation 1979. They generally enjoy parading their hostages. Rich folks like the Saudis don&#39;t have to steal an airplane. Would

  23. If the aliens have speed of light technology,why would they want a plane,that&#39;s slow!!….and what would happen,if a vehicle,at speed of light,collided with a slower craft?….

    • Why do aliens do anything they do? It doesn&#39;t have to make sense to us. We can apply logic all we want but we have to remember that it is human logic. It may not be worth dust fart out there in Space. I was in the safest place in the world when I saw the greys. I can see why some people in modern times call them greys and people before us called them little green men. You know how stuff goes

    • There you go applying human logic to the greys. It doesn&#39;t make sense because it doesn&#39;t make sense that aliens come to earth and burn little triangles on farm boys in the 1920&#39;s and housewives in the 1980&#39;s. Why ask why when it comes to the greys or the little green men. Maybe they have decided to take a whole plane full of people because they happened to be in their stratisfere

  24. 10 days and counting…We are mystify by this mystery. To begging with I thought plane better guarded, I did not know there were blind spaces in the chain of radar out there in space. One thing is the operation here in earth and the one in space. To conclude, why will someone hijack a plane and claim no responsibility? How can you control 239 passengers and not one send a distress call? People

  25. john sensabaugh // March 20, 2014 at 12:44 am // Reply

    Soon The Goverments will plant some false debris field in the Indian Ocean-leaving seat cushions &amp; small traces of Plane-(not the same plane) Just to close this account-so to speak. i feel if Iran did not take this plane as they did the Drone, the Plane has gone far south-feul is not an issue subjects(passangers) used as slaves- i&#39;ll leave it to History to finish my Theory.

    • I don&#39;t think the government will plant anything in this case. This is between Malaysia and China now. Why would the U.S. do that?! No way. Australia sure has been a &quot;stand up guy&quot; in this situation. It is expensive! I don&#39;t understand a lot of the modern world. First I hear that the cell phones were ringing. Then I heard the explanation for it. That they&#39;d be ringing anyway

  26. why Australian radar did not pick up the flying of an unknown object of its shore they have military radar that can detect at a distance of 5000km and the plane was like 1400km of there coast . and if the plane flew supposedly under radar you have the coast guard radar that would pick it up that plane will never be found .

  27. Anything is possible nowdays… so many UFO&#39;S … I recently seen a ufo the very first time for myself with my own eyes, and trust me UFO&#39;S are real<br />

    • In the 1800&#39;s in a little town in Texas I believe it was…a little green man or as we call them now, the greys…he crashed in a field outside of town. The towns people gave him a proper Christian burial because they were nice people. Of course others said they were trying to get attention for economy of their town. He is buried in the graveyard of that town. I think the government owes it

    • janet hosier // May 21, 2014 at 2:04 am // Reply

      you&#39;ve seen aliens. that&#39;s amazing. how did they look to you? were you afraid? aliens were in your house?

  28. santosh das // October 3, 2014 at 7:05 am // Reply

    is there really U.F.O.’s and aline? I want to see it.I want to research it.

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