UFO filmed in the sky above Sacramento, California – August 2014

Sacramento UFO

New video of a bright object hovering in the daytime sky above Sacramento in California.

Find out more in the TV news:

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  1. i’ve seen many sundogs and they don’t look like that picture the woman took. to the woman i say never mind what your friends think of your idea, just stick to what you believe.

  2. You fellas gots to know with all the spraying being done up there for weather engineering and such, you is bound to get some of that junk clumping up and reflecting the sun. Them fellas is playing with ways to create holographs in them skies in o’l freds opinion. So in the future when you see a mile wide mamma ship or images of angels remember your looking at a well directed cartoon fantasy to play with your head.

    • Sundog my Ass….I have seen sun dogs and they look nothing like this…I am a Solid, Firm Believer…Ever since My Parents and about 1/2 the town that was up that night in 1978, all saw a UFO. It was round, about maybe 50 ft. across and seemed very close and hovering over the trees. My Parents and others who were traveling on the road almost got in a pile up when they saw it…My Mother jumped out of the car and tried to get closer. The UFO moved slowly down an alley as my Mom jogged along watching it, it’s lights which were as my Parents put it..”Living as if breathing like a deep sea jelly fish…and not from this world”…Keep in mind my Parents were the most stubborn, Logical people who ALWAYS had a scientific logical explanation for everything…They saw this UFO, it made not a sound, no did not disturb the air in anyway, the only thing it did disturb was static to my Mom’s hair and body. It slowly tipped onto it’s side like the fair ride “The round Up” and started spinning faster and faster until the lights were a blur, at that point, it raised up a little (Still NO SOUND, NO NOTHING) and SHOT off up into the sky at an ungodly speed and was gone w/ in seconds….They got home, called Police, They had a lot of calls and no idea, she called the College to see if they had a prank Blimp, anything they might be messing w/ for whatever reason, they said NO. Then she called the Airport and that’s when the Tower told her..”Mam’am, I can assure you we have had nothing out there this night…and I do believe you, as there have been other calls here tonight and all the sightings our Pilots have seen, there is no denying it. The Only thing I can do, is give you this number to call and report it, (It was a Government project to look into reports), That’s when it became 100% real to her…She told the Airport Tower, “No thank you, I don’t think I will do that”, He said,”I don’t blame you, but rest assured you didn’t imagine this and you are not crazy. Take care”….So long story short, The Government has lied about all sightings, making up stupid ass shit, they think we believe. Seeing is believing and there’s no way they are going to make me and many others believe the “New Weather phenomenons, new strange cloud formations, flares, drones, etc. for all we are seeing and know deep down in our soul, w/ every part of our being, these things are real, not Gov. made up shit.

  3. Sundogs? BUahahahaha. It was something with structure inside and TV girl took 2nd opinion what to do and they “discovered” sundogs maybe? If it would have been sundogs, she wont took pictures. Sundogs dont have mass idiots …

  4. its a very bizarre image dont believe weatherladies account of it being sundogs ? whatever they are eh .if u look at it closely it looks like theres an image inside the go;den mass like a pharoh ? or its a mass of sand clustered together to form a massive glowing cloud ? mind boggling pic .

  5. seriously?hahahah.sundogs? it’s ALMOST as good as “swamp gas”..hahahahaha.i have got endless pics of “sundogs”..they have a rainbow effect also.this is NOT a sundog.i wonder if they know how bizarr they sound?

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